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Monday 15th June 2020

Daily Reading- 15.06.2020

Please make sure you begin your week with some reading, either from a recommended reading book or from Epic! for 15-20 minutes. We are back to our '60 Second Challenge' reads this morning- the guidance is attached so please have a go at this too. It should develop your word reading skills and comprehension skills...


Times Table Rockstars- 15.06.2020

Today, I would like you to start your week with some 'Times Table Rockstars' practice. Many of you will have new Times Tables to practice- if you don't, please let me know. I am trying to get you to start to expand your multiplication knowledge now!

Need some help with the times tables I have selected? Use the 'multiplication grid' attached to support you in the early stages...


Maths Learning- 15.06.2020

Add lengths

This week, we are going to stick with our theme of measure. Today, we are going to look at adding lengths together.

Key Questions:

  • When we measure length, what measurements do we use?
  • If two measurements are not in the same units, what could we do to help us measure in the same units?
  • What methods do we know to be able to add?


Click the image above to watch our video on adding lengths. Then, once you have watched this, have a try at our learning resources, videos and games below to develop your skills of 'adding length'. Good luck Eagles!

English Learning- 15.06.2020

Editing and Improving/ Uplevelling an 'Opening'

Today, we are going to look back and develop our 'Anthony Browne inspired adventure story' from Friday. Some of you will have not completed it yet but it is a good time to review your learning. I have read some of them and, eventhough I can see some strong elements to your writing, I would not yet call it a 'short adventure story'. One of the skills you will look at in depth in Year 4 is about editing and improving your learning based on a first draft, so today we are going to practise this skill. Click the image above to watch our first video, all about editing and improving...


There are some resources below which will help you to 'edit and improve' your writing, and this will be a strong theme for this week. Now click below to see our story 'The Tunnel' once again....



We are going to look at 'editing and improving' the opening/introduction to our story. Which part do you think is 'the opening?' This is how our story should look:

Click the image above to find out more about the 'opening to a story'. I have included some resources below as well so that you can build up your opening to this story. Eventhough we want it to be in the style of Anthony Browne's 'The Tunnel' (Adventure/ Dilemma Story) we want to make it more accessible for Year 3 children. Here is my example:


Once upon a time, there were two friends, whose names were Katie and Chloe. They were the best of friends; they always did everything together, just like two 'peas in a pod'. They both enjoyed sports, always tumbling and tackling, brawling and scuffling with boys in particular, some who were much older than them, on the playground. However, there were some significant differences in their family. Katie was allowed to go out with her friends and spent a huge amount of time outside, in the woods, running through streams, playing in mud. Chloe's parents were very strict and kept her inside- they wanted her to become a doctor when she was older, so Dad always said, "Your studies are so important Katie- to be a doctor, you have to be the best you for you."

The girls spent so much time together at school but could hardly ever see each other at the weekend. Chloe had so much information in her brain, she had nightmares in the evenings, and would become very anxious around people other than Katie. Whereas Katie was very friendly, and really enjoyed the company of others.


This is the opening to mine- I will continue from this point tomorrow! I hope this gives you an idea of how to improve and develop your writing....