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Monday 18th May 2020

Daily Reading- 18.05.2020

Children should continue to try to read for 15-20 minutes each day this week. Remember, it does not have to be in the morning- can you think of an alternative time to read? It could be that you are reading, or you are shared reading with your parents. Below is another '60 second read' but this time it is on a different topic. Can you spot what this topic is? Over the course of this week, I will continue to add reading resources so please look out for these...


Times Table Rockstars/ Prodigy Maths

Today, I would like you to spend at least 15-20 minutes developing your skills on one of these programmes. I will continue to explore the programmes this week to see how you are getting on with them! Should you need anything, just email me and I will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Who will be our champion this week?


Spelling pattern to learn- 18.05.2020

This weeks spelling pattern for the Eagles class is 'Homophones and near-homophones'.  Explore the resources below to practise these. There are many homophones, so we cannot look at them all in one go, but this should give you a taster of what this actually means.

Maths Learning- 18.05.2020

Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers

Today, we are going right back and focusing on the 'basics' of our Maths learning and understanding. As mentioned before, number forms a heavy part of the Mathematics curriculum and, particularly in Year 3, having a strong understanding of 'number' is essential. Click the image above which will take you to a video linked to todays learning. From here, try to complete the learning activities below to ensure you have a solid grasp of this learning intention...

English Learning- 18.05.2020

Do you remember, when we were altogether, learning about myths, legends and even some fables? Ask yourself what are these three things and how are they different to one another?


This week, we are going to explore these in a bit more depth, getting you to focus in for the first few days on some stories linked to myths, legends and fables. Click the image above to watch one of these...


This is the tale of 'King Midas and his donkey ears'- have you heard this tale before?

Complete the activities below in your 'Remote Learning' book linked to this Greek myth. Do you know any other Greek myths which might help you this week?


The resources below should be really helpful as well as you begin to explore this topic...

Science Afternoon Learning- 18.05.2020

Today will be our last lesson on 'Plants' this academic year. Click the image above to take you to this website. Choose one of the Science lessons linked to 'plants' to complete today. Record your work in your 'Remote Learning' book before we move onto a new Science topic after half term. Good luck Eagles!