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Monday 1st June 2020

Afternoon Learning (Science)- 01.06.2020

To compare and group materials based on their properties...

All materials have properties.  Different materials are good for different jobs based on their properties. Examples of properties you need to know about are:

Hardness – the ability of a material to resist being dented

Solubiity – how easily a material a material will dissolve

Magnetism – if a material is magentic or not

Conduction of Heat – how easily heat passes through

Conduction of Electricity – how easily electricy passes through

Transparency - if a material allows light to pass through or not


If you click the image above, this will take you to a video about grouping materials.


Collect different objects on your daily walk/from around the house. 

Can you group them into hard, soft, transparent or opaque groups? Are there any that would fit into more than group?


Choose two of your own group headings and create a venn diagram, sorting your objects into your chosen headings. Make sure the headings are linked i.e. Magnetic and Not Magnetic etc.


You can either draw this into your books or if you have some hoops you could physically sort them and take a photo.