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Monday 20th April 2020

Monday Morning Assembly and Thinking Resources

I really want you to do some thinking this morning, recording any observations and thoughts in your 'Remote Learning' book. Firstly, click the link below to watch a virtual assembly...



Then, use the resources to download to really think about the questions asked and what this means for us. I will add some other pieces and documents for you to think about across the week. Good luck thinkers!

Daily Reading- 20.04.2020

We will get our book box up and running in our foyer area from later on this week. Please watch out for further posts about this- there might be some books you are really interested in which are placed in this. 

Did you find a book on Friday from our recommended reading list? If so, have a go and start this today...

If not, continue to read one of your reading books from home. Below are the same activities I posted up from Friday, just in case you did not get a chance to complete one. The answers for the 'Emoji Book Puzzle' will go up later this week, so you still have a few days to work these out...

I will keep setting daily reading challenges, so watch this space!


Times Table Rockstars Practice- 20.04.2020

Please spend 10-15 minutes on Times Table Rockstars as well.  For those who want to develop their multiplication learning further with various games, I will place a game most days in the resources below- today's game is 'Multiplication Bingo' which could even be played as a family at the weekend! Good luck Penguins at becoming 'Multiplication Masters'...


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 20.04.2020

The spelling pattern we are going to look at for this week is the / / ɪ sound spelt y elsewhere than at the end of words. Look at the resources below which should help children to learn this pattern.

Maths Learning- 20.04.2020

Lesson 3 - Complements to 1

We are going to use our 'White Rose Maths' learning resource today to continue our learning about decimals. Click the picture above which will take you there. Then, go to:

Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)- Lesson 3- Complements to 1

Watch the video and then complete the learning activities below. There are also some extra challenges for you to engage in!

English Learning- 20.04.2020

Today, we will continue to learn about poetry, just like we did on Friday. We will particularly be looking at how we perform poetry. Click on the resources below to help you structure the learning and become a superb poet!