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Monday 27th April 2020

A Monday Morning Picture News Assembly...

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the start of a brand new weeks learning. Click the image below- this should take you to 'Picture News' virtual assembly for this week!

You should be looking at watching the assembly for 27th April. In addition, there are some resources below to get you thinking. Record your thoughts in your 'Remote Learning' book and enjoy!

Daily Reading- 27.04.2020

Good morning and enjoy this weeks learning Eagles! This week, I want you to try to complete your 'Year 3 Recommended Reading List' book as a challenge by the end of this week. Some of you have let me know which books you are reading- there have been some excellent choices so keep going- I know you are able to complete this!

In addition, I have added one of our '60 Second Reads' below with the guidance for these as well. This week, all of our reads centre around a new topic- 'Word Religions'. I think this is particularly important and links well with our 'R.E. days' we have at school each year.

Finally, for your reading, I have added in another one of our 'Emoji quizzes' for you to complete by the end of this week. This is just something which is a 'little bit of fun' and will get you chatting as a family! This weeks one is Disney films- please see the attached word document and good luck!


Times Table Rockstars- 27.04.2020

I can see some of you have been using your account a huge amount! This is fantastic news...

Today, get ready for a practice before I try to set up some tournaments etc for Friday. Also, over the course of today, look out for the leaderboard being updated on our 'Class Page' to see if you are on there...


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 27.04.2020

This weeks spelling pattern to learn will be The /r/ sound spelt wr at the beginning of words.  The resources below will support you in your learning and understanding of this spelling pattern. Good luck and be prepared for Friday!

Maths Learning- 27.04.2020

'Tenths' Revision Lesson

This week, as we are a little bit in front of where we need to be, we are going to revise some of our learning from the previous few weeks. Todays lesson will focus around 'tenths' and making sure you all understand tenths. This is a revision lesson!

To access the learning, click the picture above and go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Week 1- Lesson 3- Tenths

Complete the activities below and then have a try at some of our games. Remember, this lesson should last around 45 minutes. Tomorrow, we will look at another revision based topic before we get much harder towards the end of the week!


English Learning- 27.04.2020

Our learning in English today is more 'SPAG' related than anything else. All of the information you require to complete the lesson, including the grouped reader, is below. By the end of the session, the real aim is for you to be able to understand what prepositions are, where to use them in your writing and to be able to identify them. Good luck in this weeks SPAG learning!

Science Learning- 27.04.2020

For todays afternoon learning, we are going to find out what you have learnt about plants so far this term. Click the picture above to watch the video and complete any related activities. If there are none, just watch the videos to develop your knowledge...

You could complete the little craft activity attached, thinking about what plants actually need to grow!

How many of you have planted some seeds and are watching your plant grow? You could keep a picture/ video diary of this, telling me what has happened. The following slides will also get you thinking about that. What a good time to be looking at this topic!

Remember, this afternoon learning should only last for around 30-45 minutes, so perhaps just do a little bit each day of this week to chart the plants growth...