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Monday 30th March 2020

Daily Reading- 30.03.2020

Spend 15- 20 minutes reading your reading book and record in your reading record what you have read. Then, spend 10 minutes 'thinking' about or writing in your 'Remote Learning' book a response to a couple of these questions about your reading book...


All of these questions focus on the skill of 'Prediction'...- read on to find out if you were correct...

What do you think will happen next? 

What do you think will happen in the next chapter/page?

Why do you think that? 

What evidence is there to suggest this? 

Were your predictions correct? 

How did you confirm your predictions?


Times Tables Rockstars- 30.03.2020

Spend 20 minutes playing 'Times Table Rockstars'- some of you might notice some subtle differences in your account and what you are able to access!


Spelling Pattern to learn- 30.03.2020

The letter j is never used for the /dʒ/ sound at the end of English words.  It is either spelt -dge or just -ge on the whole. This is the pattern I want you to have a look at this week, practising with the following activities in the attached documents.


Reading Skill Learning- 30.03.2020

Our themed reading skill for today is 'Prediction'.  Let's have a look at this learning skill through the attached documents.


30.03.2020- Maths Planning and Resources

30.03.2020- LI: Understand what plants need to grow

Use the resources below to support children's learning here. There is a Powerpoint which they can follow and resources to plan and implement their investigation.


Basically, their last Science session before the Easter holidays will involve them observing a plant as it grows or does not. They will need to test something and observe the plant. We are not supposed to be out unless for the bare essentials, however when you go to the supermarket, you might be able to buy some seeds or a plant to support them. It is about observation this task!  If this is not possible, alternatives could be:


  • Children to draw a mindmap about the seven life processes, drawing cartoons to support their understanding and learning.
  • Can you write an acrostic poem to explain what plants need to grow well?
  • Can you use your imagination to design a brand new plant? Think about where it lives and how it survives.


I hope this helps you!