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Monday 4th May 2020

Daily Reading- 04.05.2020

Many of you mentioned to me that you have not had a chance yet to finish off your 'Year 5 Recommended Reading Book'. Today is another chance to finish that off for you! I have once again attached the 'Book Review Template' so, if you have not had a chance to write a book review for this book, please spend some time completing this over the coming days.

We are back to our '60 Second Reads' as of today as well. This weeks topic for these is 'The Vikings'. The guidance is below, once again, and your short comprehension is below as well. Enjoy todays reading...


Prodigy Maths- 04.05.2020


Click the picture above- it will take you to a new website we are going to be using to progress our Maths learning. You should have all received passwords and usernames for this from Mr Hazle previously. Begin to explore the programme, spending about 10-15 minutes practising your Maths learning as well. Let me know what you think about the game...


Spelling Pattern to Learn- 04.05.2020

This weeks spelling pattern to learn is Words containing the letter-string ough . Below are some resources to help you and support you to learn this spelling pattern in preparation for Friday. Good luck with using these and good luck with learning this pattern!