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Monday 8th June 2020

Daily Reading- 08.06.2020

Spend 10-15 minutes reading your own reading book or one from Epic! Then, complete the reading response activity today which is attached below- good luck Penguins!

Times Table Rockstars/ Prodigy Maths- 08.06.2020


Spend 15-20 minutes practising your Maths learning on one of the learning platforms above. You may have noticed I have changed some of the times tables you are focusing on, so practice these first before you complete some TTRS work!

Afternoon Learning (Science)- 08.06.2020


This week we will be looking at solutions and how to dissolve them in a liquid.
What happens when I make hot chocolate? 
This is our main question for today and you will be answering this question later in the lesson.
Before you start any of the investigations, please ask an adult to support you. If an adult is unable to help you, all the information you need is in the videos, so just watch those and answer the questions. The items in blue are only to be done if a grown up is with you.


For the experiment you will need:
A mug, water, hot chocolate (or sugar, salt, coffee) etc, rice or pasta, hot and cold water.
Step 1. Mix the rice and water together. What can you see?
When you mix two items together this is  called a mixture.
Step 2. Mix the hot chocolate with hot water (ask an adult to help you with this part). How is this different from your previous mixture?


Now watch the first video on this page by clicking the image below:



Write in your books what happens when you make a hot chocolate. (You could also treat yourself and drink the hot chocolate if your adult says it's okay- just make sure you leave some of the hot chocolate for the next part of our lesson). Make sure you use the vocabulary: solution, mixture, particles, water. 
If you are unsure you could use these sentence starters to help you.
When you make a hot chocolate you are creating a ....
A mixture is....
Sometimes a mixture is also a.....
A solution is.....
Sometimes we want to be able to separate our mixtures even if they are in solution. How could you separate both mixtures? Write your ideas down in your books.
Now watch the second video (link above remember!) and describe how you could separate the hot chocolate mixture.


Separate both of your mixtures using non stick equipment. What methods did you use? What could you do to turn this back into a solution?
These are called reversible changes.
Now complete Activity 1 on the website...