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Lundi 25 janvier 2021



For people who have done their French Assessment, we are starting our new unit about fairytales.

If you have not done the French Assessment, you can still find it below. Please do it by Monday 25/01/21 as I have to give my comments for reports. Five tests are still missing!!!


Firstly, it is important you do keep a record of your work in the next few months in French as we will use the vocabulary fairly frequently and will need (whenever we can) to stick them in your French books. I also will need it for assessment for the end of the year (I do both a test and checking the books).


You can start with a powerpoint presentation with a beautiful song. On each page, you will find vocabulary (vocabulaire), questions or comments.

Finally, you can find a worksheet and a few exercises / games.


Bonne chance !


M. Maillard

Lundi 18 janvier 2021


Please find below the 2 pages of the French Assessment. It is all about what we have revised during the last month.

---> For each question, just either give me the answer the letters or type the answer.

Example: 1D, 2E, 3 Tuesday....

---> Alternatively, you can print the documents, answer on them and take a picture.

In any case, answer in English.

--->Then send me your answer on my email:

Bonne chance !

M. Maillard


Lundi 11 janvier 2021


As you know, we are revising for our French test which will take place next week.

You will find below slideshows with all the vocabulary that we have seen in Terms 1 & 2 and a few exercises.

5. Weather

6. Presents & Opinions

7. Numbers & Prices

8. Test practice

In case you missed the previous lesson, it is down below.

Bonne chance !

M. Maillard

Lundi 11 janvier 2021


5. La météo (Weather)


Weather vocabulary (click below)


Answers: (highlight the hidden text)

Ex1: 1B, 2D, 3E, 4A, 5C,

Ex2: 6I, 7J, 8G, 9H, 10F.

Ex3: Il neige, il pleut, il fait chaud, il fait froid, il y a du soleil, il y a des nuages, il y a du vent, il y a du brouillard.

Ex4: 11. vrai, 12. faux, 13. vrai, 14. vrai, 15. faux, 16. faux


6. Presents and Opinions

Presents vocabulary (click below)

Answers: (highlight the hidden text)

Ex1: 1C, 2F, 3D, 4E, 5B, 6A.

Ex2: 7L, 8I, 9K, 10G, 11J, 12H.

Ex3: 13N, 14M, 15Q, 16O, 17R, 18P.

... or, if you prefer, click the link and listen to the video.


Read and repeat the French numbers to 100.

Afterwards, listen to M. Maillard and guess the prices he says.

(Note: the prices are in euros).

Price 1.wav

Price 2.wav

Price 3.wav

Price 4.wav

Price 5.wav

Answers: (highlight the hidden text)

Price 1: 15 euros

Price 2: 56 euros

Price 3: 11 euros

Price 4: 33 euros

Price 5: 67 euros


Test Practice 2:

Have a try at these  question.

As usual, answer will be below.

Bonne chance! Good luck!

Answers: (highlight the hidden text)

1. False

2. True

3. True

4. True

5. False


7. Dislikes



10. Dislikes

11. 23 euros

12. 32 euros

13. 14 euros

14. 45 euros



Lundi 4 janvier 2021

Answer: bleu, blanc, rouge.


1. Les jours de la semaine (days of the week)

Lundi, Mardi song.


Answers: (highlight the hidden answers. Please try before checking)

Exercise 1: 1d, 2a, 3c, 4b.

Exercise 2: 5g, 6f, 7e,

Exercise 3: 8 mercredi, 9 lundi, 10 samedi, 11 vendredi, 12 mardi, 13 jeudi, 14 dimanche.

2. Les Pays d'Europe (European Countries)

Answers: (highlight the hidden answers. Please try before checking)

Exercise 1: 1b, 2c, 3a.

Exercise 2: 4e, 5f, 6d .

Exercise 3: 7h, 8g, 9i.

Answers: la France, le Luxembourg, la Suisse et la Belgique.

Bonus point: Monaco.

3. Les transports

Answers: (highlight the hidden text, but try first)

Exercise 1: 1c, 2a, 3b

Exercise 2: 4f, 5e, 6d

Exercise 3: 7g,8i , 9h

Exercise 4: en camion et à cheval.

4. Test Practice

For each Tintin character, can you find on which day they are travelling, to which country and how?

Answers below to highlight, but try hard before looking at them.

1. Snowy:                                2. Nestor:                            3. Prof. Calculus:

Day: Monday                               Day:Wednesday                      Day: Sunday

Country: Portugal                   Country: Switzerland           Country: Germany

Transport: by boat                  Transport: by car                 Transport: by moped or


Total      /9