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Mr Maillard's Magnificent French

Lundi 1er Mars 2021

Chère Classe 4,


This is the last lesson as Remote Learning as you will all be back next week.

Could you make sure next week to bring all your French work with you next week to stick it in your French book?


This lesson is short, but will give you time to virtually 'visit' Le Château de Versailles.


I recommend that you have seen the previous lesson. If not, look back at the PowerPoint of Term 3 (


This lesson is about finding another rule of masculine and feminine in French.

The exercise will be a colouring. (Can you remember the colours?)

It will be your reference sheet for the next few lessons. Don't forget to bring it next week.


If you have time, try to write a short sentence with the vocabulary you already know.


Ex: le chaudron est vert (the cauldron is green).


Bonne chance !


M. Maillard

If you haven't done it yet, have a look at Palace of Versailles, check the official website , you will find a few pictures and videos. I would recommend:

- The Palace.

- The Gardens.

- Once upon a time Versailles  (history for kids).