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Music Co-Ordinator - Mrs S. Springate

Statement of Intent for Music.


The intent is to provide all pupils with a high quality music education, which engages and inspires everyone to develop a life-long love of music, increase self-confidence, create individuality, develop social skills, express their emotions and develop cultural awareness.


To implement this, all pupils will have a high quality, consistent approach to teaching; building on previous knowledge and providing challenges to all, with all styles of learning taken in to consideration to enable pupils to learn in a multi-sensory approach, in their preferred style.


The impact of this is that all children can have the opportunity to extend their musical talents to include singing, performing, learning to play an instrument and the composition of music.


By the end of their time at St. Teresa’s, all children will be able to work together, have a good sense of well-being and promote a love of music.

This is the National Curriculum requirements for music:

We attend several events during the year.


Here are photographs of the children attending the O2 for Young Voices, which they do every other year.

We attend several events at Highworth School, either singing or joining in with their orchestra, playing the descant recorder.

We attend several events at Christmas.  We join with other schools to sing at the Ashford International Hotel and we sing for the shoppers at County Square.

(Blurred pictures to block out faces)

The children have regular music lessons; there is a choir; there are guitar lessons and the children get to make musical instruments in lessons, as well as playing them.