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MyOn is an online e-library to supplement Accelerated Reader, The "books" are purpose written, and eligible children (years 4,5 & 6 plus Year 3 free readers) can take quizzes on them to add to their AR count.  MyOn isn't Waterstones, but the children will be able to access MyOn 24/7 ensuring they always have reading material , and therefore reading practice - even though school, libraries and shops are closed. 


Although Accelerated Reader is restricted to KS2 pupils,  MyOn is available to EVERY child in the school. Every year group has been given their logins and many children have been using MyOn for a little while now. Each login gives the child a personalised interface with book recommendations, a book shelf showing books read, a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles plus interactive elements for the children and parents. 

myON Tutorial - Launching myON from a student's perspective

MyOn will give you a whole e-book online reading platform that is easily accessed from home using your Accelerated Reader login. As we get more familiar with MyOn, we will roll out some more of its functionality  with tasks and projects.


How to Login (use the link above) 


Select the correct school: St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


All users:

Your login format is as follows:

User name: Your name in this format - NGriffith (first initial and surname initial are capitalised - no space)  The only time this is different is where children have double-barrelled names or there is more than one child in the school with the same initial and surname. Contact me if you are unsure of your login.


Accelerated Reader Users:

Password: Class name with register number e.g. Penguins4


Year R and KS1 ( plus Year 3 pupils not on Accelerated Reader)

Password: ABC


On first login, complete the smiley face preferences survey as this will shape the recommendations given.  


Also, link your AR account with MyOn (option shows on personalised page after login.) Once done, your ZPD level and points will be synced, ensuring the correct books are recommended.