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New YrR intake

Transition Timetable



Reception Class  for Sept 2022 

        Transition  timetable 

Parents may find it helpful to print out this timeline to help remember key dates.

Thurs June 9th

9.00- 2.35  Meetings for Group 1 parents of new YrR intake with class teacher

Thur June 23rd

9.00- 2.35  Meetings for Group 2 parents of new YrR intake with class teacher


Order school uniform from Price and Buckland by 26th June for guaranteed free delivery to school. The last school drop will be the 11th of July.

Sat June 25th

Summer fete.  Everyone invited.

Mon June 27th




New intake first taster session

Our new YrR  have their first taster session in the Yr R classroom.  Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate more than one adult per child.  Please attend with your child at 9.30 and play with him/her in the classroom/ outdoor space during their session.  The purpose of the session is for the child to become familiar with the environment, led and supported by a parent.  This trusting and loving relationship will help the child to see the YrR classroom and outdoor area as a space where their parent is happy for them to be and where they are encouraged to explore.


While it may be tempting to take pictures of this first school visit, our data protection policy prevents parents from taking pictures using any devices in the classroom or outdoor space.  If you do wish to have a picture of the occasion, by all means take one before your child enters the school building but we ask that parents in the classroom keep all devices out of sight and out of use for the duration of the visit.

Thurs July 7th


2nd taster session

While your child is being looked after by school staff, parents are invited to a presentation in the school hall by Mrs Brown, where they can hear about how best to prepare their child for starting school.  There will be an opportunity to mingle with other parents and to get to know each other.  

Mon July 18th



Teddy Bears Picnic

 Weather permitting, you are invited to take along your child with a picnic and a favourite cuddly toy to enjoy time on the school field.  The class will be joined by our current Reception class, the Fireflies, who will also join in with their parents.  This is an opportunity for your child to perhaps see children in the next class whom they recognise from nursery or church or to sit with some children they already know from their new class, to enjoy the picnic together.  


Tues Sept 6th


In September the new Reception class starts at St Teresa’s school on a part-time basis.  This is to support your child with settling into the school routine and enabling them to get to know all the practitioners in the early years setting.  Below you will find the programme to introduce your child to school, building gradually from a half-day to a full school day over a period of 2 weeks. 

Easing children into school gently and gradually, enables us to make the whole experience very positive for them. 


Tues 6th Sept – Fri 9th Sept                 :  9.30 -12.00                Pick up at 12.00

Mon  12th Sept -   Fri 16th Sept          :  8.45 -1.30pm             Pick up at 1.30

Mon  19th : First full day of school     :  8.45- 3.15pm             Pick up at 3.15