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03.01.2001 - Children who are coming in this week, please do not forget your PE kits.




M. Maillard


14/9/20 - If you could please submit the children's completed homework via email that would be fabulous, my emails is
9/9/20 - If your child has any  library books at home, can you please bring them in

9/9/20 - I will be posting the children's spellings on the spelling page under the curriculum tab every week, so that you can support at home! Hope you are all well



Starting Year 4:


This year we have had a wall put into our room to make it bigger and we have our own personal sink! This will make the new COVID-19 measures easier to follow and will help create a safe space for learning.


I am so excited for you all to return to school, I know a lot has changed since you were last here, but here are some things to look forward to over the first few weeks:


- Seeing your friends again

- Studying the Vikings

- Reading the hilarious David Walliams

- PE with Mr Maillard

- Some magnificent Mathematics (we will be starting with place value)

- Discovering  all about Teeth and how to keep them healthy in Science


29/08/2019- Equipment & Stationery updates:

* Prior to lockdown, we were not sending home reading books. As parental support with reading is invaluable, it is important that children continue to have access to a regular change of book throughout the year. We ask that you sanitise the book and bag before it is returned to school each day and we shall do likewise before it goes home.

Older children who are not on the school reading scheme may have a home reading book and a school reading book, meaning they won’t need to take reading books to and fro each day. Once they have been assessed for their reading age and logged onto Accelerated Reader, they can chose to gain their reading points using the ebooks, which avoids books travelling between home and school. Your reading book and homework may be put in the book bag.

* PE kit should be taken in at the beginning of term and remains at school until half term, when it is to be taken home for washing. Trainers/ plimsolls used for PE should stay at school during this period.

* Named jackets/ coats should be waterproof and provide warmth, as all classes will be outside a lot in the coming year, regardless of the weather. The jacket should have a rain hood and be long enough to provide protection from the rain.

* Named water bottle (for hygiene reasons, we will not use the water fountains until the risk of Covid is further reduced).

* Named lunchbox for those not having school dinners. KS2 children should take in a piece of fruit for their early morning break.

* Named pencil case with personal pens/ pencils and other essentials are authorised. This must be slim enough and soft enough to go in the tray and will remain at school. It cannot be taken home until the end of the year. All contents need to be labelled with the child’s name. The school will provide a stationery set for those children who come to school without one.

* No rucksacks or school bags of any size. Only a slim book bag allowed.

* No playtime equipment to be brought in, including balls and toys.