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Our Class Novel!

The Firework Maker's Daughter


Please listen to one segment a day and try and answer the questions below it! Hope you enjoy!

MONDAY 17/01/22

What did the Goddess give Chulak?
What qualities did Lila show to keep going up the mountain?
Can you think of an example where you have shown these qualities

Tuesday 18/1/22

What do you think are the three gifts?
Can you draw what you think Razvani would look like from the description

Wednesday 19/01/22

Why do you think the words special and particular and used so often ?
Do you think Lila and Lalchand will win the display?Why?

Thursday 20/01/22

What is the name of the boat that they arrive on?
What are the name of the three Firework Makers?
Draw and describe what you think foaming moss would look/sound like.

Friday 21/01/22

Do you think Rambashi has found his final profession? Explain your answer
Can you come up with an alternate ending? Summarise it in three sentences

Thursday 14/1/21

What is Rambashi's latest business venture?
What would hamlet rather have been covered in that a blanket?
Why were the villagers angry at Chulak?
Do you think Chulak will survive to save Lila?

Wednesday 13th January

What does sourly mean?
Do you think the pirates weapons are impressive?
Will Lila be safe as she continues on her own?
What do you think Rambashi's new idea is?

Tuesday 12/01/21

Should Lila have trusted Rambashi?
Is Rambashi a scary pirate?
Why is it important in the real world we don't listen to strangers, either online or in person?

Friday 8/1/21

What is a tarpaulin?
What does Lila not know about going to see Razvani?
How do you think Chulak and Hamlet will escape?

Thursday 7/1/21

Do you think Lila's reaction is fair? Why/ Why not?
Do you think she will be safe on her journey?
If you were Lila would you have gone alone?

Wednesday 6/1/21

What adjectives are used to describe where the Firework-Makers workshop?
What does Chulak discover from Lalchand?
What do you think Lila will do with this infromation?

Tuesday 5/1/21

What does courtiers mean?
How does the king punish the people that upset him?
Who is it that Hamlet the white elephant has a crush on?
What is Chulak's dream?

The Firework-Maker's Daughter Monday 4/1/21

Why do you think Lalchand is shocked when Lila says that she wants to be a firework-maker?
How many different kinds of fireworks has Lila invented?
Do you think Lila should give up on her dream to be a firework-maker?