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Our RE Journey

Term 5 - Week 3/4

We are exploring being part of the church family.

We talked about who is on our family?

Miss Ireland told us about Jesus appearing to his friends and asking them to spread his news. 

We thought about our good news and how we share it.


Miss Ireland told us that people in God's family go to Church.  We made churches out of bricks and even our bodies!

Term 5 Week 2- May is Mary's month. We collected flowers for Mary.

Term 5

Week 1

We reflected on the significance of Easter and shared the children's experiences.


Week 2

Miss Ireland explained that during May we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus and how she looked after Jesus when he was a little boy.  In this month of May we are going to pray to Mary and to ask her to look after us because now she is in heaven. 

The children made flowers to crown Mary. On our Welly Wednesday walk we looked for flowers growing in the school grounds and created observational drawings of them.

Father Peter came to give us the ashes.

The children did a tally chart of all the times people had been kind to them this week. They compared this to unkind actions. We talked about how it is important to say sorry but also that it is important to forgive.


The children have made some kind hands to bring home - please collect these from their book bag and when you see your child doing something kind, draw a smiley face on one of the fingers. Can the children complete 5 kind acts over the weekend?

Jesus chooses his disciples...

Jesus in the Temple


This week we have been thinking about Burn Night. We discussed the idea of a family tartan and the children designed a tartan print top reflect their family.


Using the story of Jesus in the temple, we reflected on times the children have been lost, for example in a supermarket, and talked about both the child's and parents feelings around this.


The children delved deeper into the word "lost" and thought about times we feel lost and how Jesus can guide us.

This week we thought about treasure and things we need to keep safe. Thomas said his life is a treasure and that it is like a flower. This led us to a discussion about how each child saw their life and how to give thanks for this. We took part in spontaneous prayer led by the children.

This week we have been using the children's excitement about Christmas to explore the nativity story. The children have really enjoyed preparing their show for parents, and thinking about the good news of Jesus' birth.


We have focused on the giving of gifts, and how not all gifts need to be bought in a shop. The children considered their special qualities and how they could use these to bring happiness to others.



Reflecting on Divali allowed us to revisit Jesus as the light of the world and how light symbolises a guide and safety.


The children made pictures of themselves as candles to light the world.

Family - we thought about what family means to us.

Friday 15th October was Community Day in honour of our Saint, Teresa. The children explored the mosaic and thought about what this tells us about her. We then reflected on our own personalities and created our own collage.


In  the afternoon we worked on our community garden, planting bulbs and herbs.

Harvest Festival

This week we have been preparing for Harvest. The children have given thanks for food, things  they love, and explored the themes behind the festival.