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Hello Bees!


Welcome to your P.E lessons! 


On this page are a series of activities that you can participate in at your own pace. 


But remember when you are going to participate in any physical activity you need to warm up. You need to get your body ready to do exercise so you don't hurt yourself! 



Warm up with Miss Packer.

Tuesday 5th January. 

PE With Joe | Tuesday 5th January

Once you've warmed up you can get involved with one of Joe Wicks P.E lessons. Don't worry if they are quite difficult just try your best and have fun!

Tuesday 12th January- PE Lesson 2.

If you could again do the warm up by Miss Packer first before undertaking this home PE lesson.

Tuesday 19th January: PE lesson 2

Make sure to warm up properly first!

Tuesday 26th January: Home PE lesson 3

Throwing and catching on the move, make sure to warm up first!