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PE and School Sport

What does Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity (PESPA) look like at St Teresa's?

Our Statement of Intent

At St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, we believe that all children have the right to:


  • Have access to regular physical activity, whether this be in PE sessions or through multi-sensory, active learning opportunities in their classroom.
  • Be 'active' throughout the school day- in the morning, during lessons, at lunchtime and afterschool.
  • See the whole school community 'being active' and seeing the benefits of physical activity.
  • A high standard of PE and sporting experiences, delivered by their teacher and/or other qualified sporting professionals. They act as role models to the children and try to inspire them through their physical education teaching.
  • See the power that physical activity can have upon their mental health and wellbeing, increasing confidence and building children's leadership skills.
  • Be provided with a range of diverse PE and sporting opportunities, where children get to try out 'new activities'.
  • Equal opportunities- we intend to remove boundaries and stereotypes in sport in order to create a culture of equal opportunities for all.
  • Develop life skills through PE and Sport, such as swimming and cycling.  This is linked with KCSP ’s 10:10 Pupil Premium shared vision and our interpretation of this document. This is with the view that pupils observe PE as an inclusive subject, where all children are able to thrive in some aspect of it.
  • Develop values and behaviours such as teamwork, honesty, friendship etc which we see as being fundamental to their lives now and the next stage of their educational journey.
  • Further develop their understanding of what it means to live a healthy and active lifestyle and how this goes beyond the realms of PE and sport- what they eat, looking after their teeth, sleeping well etc.


Our main goal is to ensure all children enjoy Physical Education, develop confidence in this subject, are active during their learning experience, build on skills we see as fundamental from year to year and most importantly, enjoy the subject! We want children to feel a sense of 'self worth' and 'self achievement', building on the experiences they have in school at local sports clubs and groups at evenings and during the weekend. Our aim is to instill a passion and enthusiasm for sport that will be life-long for our children and their families. 

Elite Community Coaching

We use some of our PE and Sports Premium Funding to upskill staff alongside Elite Community Coaching. They provide us with afterschool, extra-curricular clubs as well as in curriculum coaching opportunities for children. They are also developing an extensive range of videos to support Remote Learning and for lessons which can be delivered in 'class bubbles'. Some of these can be viewed below and we hope you enjoy them...

Introduction - Balancing Challenge

Home Workout

Ball Skills

Sock Boules

Tennis Ball Catching Practice

Design Your Own Sports Kit

Laundry Basket Challenge

Knock The Bottle Over

Core Workout

Playground Games Poster

Pat Up Challenge

Can You Create Your Own Home Sports Game?

How do we assess the skills in Physical Education and Sport at St Teresa's?

St Teresa's Sporting Events Consent

St Teresa's ADPSSA Middle School Champions 2017-2018

Congratulations to our school football team, who were crowned Ashford and District Sports Association Middle School Football Champions on Saturday 24th March.

On a reasonably bright and sunny morning at St Teresa's, the team were placed in the group stages against Challock, St Simon's and Goat Leas. We overcame Challock and Goat Leas, winning both of these matches 2-0. However, we lost 2-1 against St Simon's meaning we just finished first in our group on goal difference.


In the semi finals, we played a very useful Mersham side. However, the power and passing of our team meant we made it through to the final. The final was an evenly contested affair against Hamstreet; both teams were deadlocked at 0-0 at full time, meaning in this tournament the trophy was shared.


A massive thanks to our PTA, as well as to the parents of the players. However, the greatest thanks must go to the players themselves- all of your hard work and effort paid off!

KCSP Sports Day July 2018

Photos of our Wimbledon Trip 2018...