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PE and School Sport


Across the school PE is recognised as an important aspect of the whole school ambition to provide a broad and balance curriculum, that at least meets or exceeds the National Curriculum. It is our intention to;

  • Engage children in PE from a young age that allowing them to participate in sporting activities that they enjoy and inspires a love of physical activity;
  • Give children the opportunity to build their character and demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play in the context of physical activities;
  • Encourage children to develop their skills of collaboration in the context of sport, be a positive team member whilst participating in activities where all abilities are present;
  • Identify children with an aptitude for sport and provide opportunities to excel;
  • Provide opportunities for children to experience a range of activities that extends their learning and resilience;
  • Supply children with the awareness of physical activities positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Ensure children understand that a healthy lifestyle includes both physical activity and good nutrition.

The PE curriculum and St Teresa’s should enable all children to enjoy their learning and help them cultivate an ambition to lead a healthy lifestyle.


  • Children participate in a weekly structured PE lesson, in addition to this each class has an allocated hall time for physical activity;
  • Class teachers lead PE in KS1 and LKS2 however in UKS2 (Years 5 and 6) Elite sport coaches supplement the teaching of PE along-side the class teacher;
    • This leads to smaller groups that gives the children opportunities to refine their physical skills;
    • Using Elite specialist sport coaches develops the teachers practice and ensures the older children leave well prepared for their next step in physical education.
  • Every child has the opportunity in KS2 to take part in competitive sport throughout multitude of partnerships that include, Ashford School Games and Kent Catholic School Partnership events.
  • Children attend swimming lesson in Year 2 and 3 and we ensure that all children are assessed as being able to swim before they leave Year 6.
    • Any child unable to complete this assessment is given top up swimming lessons in July to ensure every child can swim before leaving primary school.
  • In Year 6 children have the opportunity to go on a residential trip and experience provision that focuses on outdoor learning.
  • We have a specialist TA who delivers a variety of extracurricular activities across the school
    • At break times for children in KS2 he runs events and challenges that supplement the curriculum and target pupils for participation.
  • We offer a variety of after school clubs which are mostly free of charge to encourage high levels of participation;
    • We track the inclusion of Pupil Premium children in these clubs to ensure their levels of participation at least meets that of their peers.
  • Where appropriate teachers make cross curricular links to other subjects such as Science (Teeth, Digestion, Healthy Eating), Maths (Time, Measurement, Graphs) and DT (Baking food and Nutrition).
  • Class teachers use their Long Term Plans along side the progression of skills to ensure skills build over time and to teach age appropriate lessons.
  • The PE Leader observes lessons in each Key Stage, track pupil participation and works with outside partners to continually improve PE provision in the school.


  • Currently, teachers assess whether children are able to perform the skills outlined in our progression of skills document, when making judgements as to whether children have achieved the expected outcomes for each year of work.
  • Within lessons children are given the opportunity to build and demonstrate those skills individually and in context whether that be in games of performance.
  • Children are encouraged to improve their personal performance and achieve their personal best.
  • Children understand how to lead a healthy life style and understand the importance of exercise.
  • Every child has the opportunity to represent the school and demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship within in the Catholic ethos of the school.