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Attached are some examples of Sheena's excellent 'Remote Learning'. Well done Sheena on a terrific effort!

Well done KK- some more excellent work submitted! Just keep going right up until the end of term now...

Here are some images from Brian's learning from 16.07.2020- well done Brian during our 'Remote Learning' period...

The last day of school and Emilia just keeps on working! She also undertook some PE and some of the challenges, as well as practising some of her basic multiplication learning...

Attached is some of KK's Remote Learning from last week- Well done KK and keep up the good work!

Please see attached photographs of Brian's learning from today. Some very intriguing photographs too- Brain lived in Oman for two years so here are some photographs of some of their mosques...

Here is Emilia's learning from today (14.07.2020)- well done Emilia and please keep up these excellent standards of learning!

Attached is KK's work from 14.07.2020- I am really pleased to see you keeping up your excellent efforts- this is not going unnoticed KK!

Here is Leon's work from 14.07.2020- well done Leon and keep up the excellent learning!

A good start to the learning this week from Edward on 06.07.2020 with his learning about polygons! Keep it up Edward- right to the end...

Please see KK's learning from the past few days. Well done KK and please, keep up the excellent Maths learning...

I am absolutely astounded by Emilia's learning from today- superb work Emilia! She has completed her English and Maths but I am particularly pleased at the way she has engaged in the foundation subjects! She has even created a version of the 'Creation Story' from scratch via Scratch (see below)...

Still image for this video

Attached is Brian's learning from the past couple of days. Well done Brian- keep up this Remote Learning right into the summer...

Here is some examples of Emilia's Remote Learning from 01.07.2020. Well done Emilia- please keep up the superb Remote Learning- not long left now until the summer holidays...

Attached is some of Edward's Remote Maths Learning about 'angles'. How are you getting on with your Maths learning about angles? Can you remember the different angles?

Here is KK's Maths from 25.06.2020- well done KK! Remember Penguins to self-mark and correct your work against the answers provided...

Here is some learning from 24.06.2020 by Edward, where we looked at multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Keep up this excellent Maths learning Edward...

Please find attached images of Emilia's Remote Learning from 24.06.2020. Well done Emilia- please keep up this excellent standard of learning!

Here is Benson's recent Maths Remote Learning looking at multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. Will he find division a challenge today?

Here is KK's Remote Learning work from 24.06.2020- well done KK- keep up the excellent learning!

Here are some images of Brian's Remote Learning from 24.06.2020- it is brilliant Brian that you were able to complete all of this, including the Foundation subjects! Keep up the excellent standards of learning...

Here is some of Edward's division learning from today! Well done Edward and keep up the excellent Maths work...

Attached is some recent learning from Charlie, related to our learning about 'City of Ember' and some of our Maths! He seemed to enjoy the problem solving! Charlie also completed Prodigy Maths and some reading on Epic!- are you enjoying this as well?

Here is Brian's learning from 19.06.2020. Well done Brian- keep engaging in our 'Friday Challenges'...

Here is Emilia's learning for today (19.06.2020)- well done Emilia and keep up the excellent learning!

Well done KK on the fantastic Maths learning from Friday- please keep it up! Some of these problems were particularly tricky, but you persisted with them well...

Attached are some images of Brian's Remote Learning! Well done Brian- keep up the good work...

Here are some images of Mark's 'Remote Maths Learning' to have a look at- did you have the same outcomes?

Here is some of Charlie's learning from the past few days. I am enjoying seeing Charlie's amazing effort and can see him engaging well in the fiction novel 'The City of Ember'...

Here is some of Emilia's learning from this week- I have enjoyed reviewing her SPAG learning and can see she is progressing well...

Here is Leon's learning from 09.06.2020- you can see the effort he continues to put in here- well done Leon!

Here are some images from Aethan's learning from the past few days (week starting 08.06.2020). Well done Aethan- it is excellent to see you are learning well! In addition,he has engaged in the RE, creating a presentation below about a different world religion- perhaps you will learn something new?

Here are images from Leon's work from 08.06.2020- keep up the great learning Leon!

This is what Eliezer is reading- it would be lovely to see what everyone else is perhaps to make into a 'class collage?'

Attached are some images of Aethan's learning last week! Well done Aethan- keep up the excellent 'Remote Learning'- the ice cream looks amazing!

Attached is some of Emilia's learning from 05.06.2020- well done Emilia! Another good week of Remote Learning completed! If you have not sent us any work yet, please share...

Attached is some of Edward's Maths learning- it looks like you are enjoying our work on fractions Edward!

Attached are examples of Brian's learning from yesterday! Well done Brian and please, keep up this excellent Remote Learning!

Here is some of Emilia's excellent learning from 02.06.2020. She has completed all aspects to a really high standard- well done Emilia!

Attached is KK's Maths learning from yesterday- keep up this excellent work KK! Our blog is getting longer and longer- is your work on there though?

Attached are some images of Leon's work from the past few days- have a look at this! An excellent standard set Leon...

Here is some of Aethan's most recent learning for you to view. I particularly think he is progressing well with his fraction learning- can you see where you have completed the same work? Could you 'peer mark' your answers?

Attached is KK's learning from 01.06.2020. Excellent Maths KK and until we all 'meet again', keep up the excellent effort. Have you only multiplied the numerators in these examples?

Here is some of Emilia's learning from the last Friday of term- well done Emilia and I look forward to seeing your hard work once 'Remote School' resumes...

Well done KK on engaging so well with the 'Funday Friday' Maths learning this week- I am sure we will have more of this next term too!

Here is Leon's learning from the last day of term- well done Leon on engaging with our 'Funday Friday' Maths problems so well!

Whilst I was sitting in my office today, it was a joy to read and look at some of Frankie's Remote Learning! I particularly enjoyed Frankie's vibrant story writing and love his use of fronted adverbials in these! His excellent standards at school are being kept at home- well done Frankie!

This is Charlie's City of Ember vocabulary work. Well done for learning all the new vocabulary Charlie- keep up the hard work!

Some more learning to be proud of Emilia- well done! Make sure you are all getting some time outside in that lovely weather too!

I particularly loved reading Emilia's work today on 'Who is Jesus' and her work related to the suspense story you are writing! Well done Emilia- keep it up!

Attached is KK's learning from yesterday! Lots of Maths KK- keep it up!

Here is some of Leon's work- I particularly like the planning for the suspense story! I will be looking forward to reading them all...

Here are some images of Eliezer's learning- look at the different way she has shared this with us! Keep it up Eliezer!

Some incredible work from Brian so far this week- what an example to set! I particularly enjoyed reading his diary entry- keep up the superb effort Brian!

Here is KK's Maths Learning from 18.05.2020- amazing work KK- keep it up!

Here is some of Aethan's learning from the past week! Well done Aethan- an excellent standard of learning- please keep this up!

Here is some examples of Brian's work from the past few days! He is obviously reading a fair amount and engaging with our fractions learning well- well done Brian!

Attached is some of KK's Maths learning from last week- can you compare your answers?

Here is some of Emilia's work- she engaged really well in some of our Friday Funday Maths Challenges! Really pleasing Emilia- keep up the incredible work!

Here is some examples of Frankie's learning- it was excellent to read his 'Book Review' on the David Walliams Book 'Slime'! You are keeping very busy Frankie, which is really pleasing to see!

Leon is continuing to produce some excellent work with an amazing diary entry! Keep it up Leon...

Here is an image of Eliezer's learning from 15/05/2020- well done Eliezer!

Take a look at Aethan's analysis of a diary entry. Great work!

Have a look at the lego scene that Jess made. Can you guess which scene she has made from The City of Ember?

Attached is KK's learning from 11.05.2020. Look how thorough she has been and look at how well her work is set out! Well done KK- keep it up!

It looks like Emilia completed a huge amount of learning on 11.05.2020. Well done Emilia! A reminder that the Maths learning progresses in difficulty so you do not need to complete every worksheet and keep trying your best...

It is great to have work coming through from a huge number of children- attached is work from Ethan from the 11.05.2020! It looks like you have made a solid start to your area learning Ethan!

Here is Leon's Learning from 11.05.2020- well done Leon and keep up this incredibly hard work!

Here is Emilia's learning from 05.05.2020- it is lovely to see you all engaging well with your new book 'The City of Ember'. Well done Emilia- keep going!

Here is some of Leon's learning from 05.05.2020- great job Leon and keep up the hard work!

Attached is some learning from Sheena about 'adding decimals'- look at how the layout and setting your work out neatly helps you with your calculations! Well done Sheena!

Attached are examples of Emilia's work from 29.04.2020. You have been undertaking lots of Maths Emilia and I like the way you have set up all of your workings out really systematically- good job!

Here are Charlie's Remote Learning Documents from 29.04.2020- keep up this excellent work Charlie- it is not going unnoticed!

Here is Leon's work from 29.04.2020- you can see he has engaged well in our Maths learning! Well done Leon- keep this excellent work up!

Here is Brian's work from 29.04.2020- I love the way he has started his story! The title gives the story a huge amount of impact- well done Brian!

Here is some additional work from Mark's Remote Learning- it seems like he has been working incredibly hard! There is a huge selection of activities he has completed here for you to enjoy...

Attached is an image of Mark's French learning- can you spot what he is saying in the conversation?

Here is Emilia's Remote Learning from 28.04.2020. I particularly like her prayer- at these times, I find moments of reflection and calm extremely important whenever we can get them!

Here is a selection of images from Leon's learning on 27.04.2020! I love his letter to David Attenborough- we now have two pretty impressive letters to send off! Well done Leon!

Here is Emilia's Remote Learning from 27.04.2020. I am going to send her letter off to David Attenborough next week to see if we get a response. Some excellent work Emilia- keep it up!

Here are some examples of Charlie's Maths Learning from 28.04- you can see he is trying really hard! Well done Charlie!

Here is a compilation of work from Aethan showing us all of the Maths learning he has been undertaking. Great job Aethan- keep up the amazing Maths!

See Leon's work from 28.04.2020 as an example- great work Leon! I particularly like your prayer and your reflections on our new 'City of Ember' text..

Here is Brian's learning from 28.04.2020 as an example. I like the way he has been thinking about the achievements of Tom Moore and how important prayer is during this time. Good job Brian!

Here is some more work submitted from Leon. Pay particular attention to his wonderful sonnet- it really gets your imagination running wild! Great standard to your 'Remote Learning' Leon and a pleasure to read...

Have a read of Benson's very interesting and intriguing poem 'The Man with the Scythe'. Can you see any of the poetic features we have looked at here?

Here is some of KK's Maths Learning over time- look at all of the excellent Maths she has undertaken! I really like the way she has set this out in a fantastic, systematic manner! Well done KK- keep it up!

This is all of Emilia's superb learning from yesterday- 21.04.2020. I particularly like her poem about her favourite place- 'My Garden'. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your daily exercise too!

It is clear Charlie has been working incredibly hard- here is some of his work from Tuesday! An especially good read is 'Golden Time'- can you pick out any poetic features here?

Below are photographs of Leon's Maths from Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of April! This is well set out- Leon has clearly been working very hard!

Brian has been undertaking some of our decimal based learning- check out the excellent Maths he has been undertaking here...

Here is Mark's Remote Maths Learning- he has shown his understanding well here with his work on decimals and has used bar models as a good pictorial image. Well done Mark!