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In phonics we have the green group and the yellow group. Your child should know which group they are in and I am sure will be able to tell you most of the sounds from that phase too.


Yellow Group


Green Group

This term the yellow group have been focusing on Phase 2 and have just finished learning all of the sounds in this phase.


We are now going to consolidate this phase and practise segmenting and blending before learning the new sounds in Phase 3.


Please see the sounds and tricky words for Phase 2 by following this link:


This term the green group have been focusing on Phase 3 sounds and we are currently up to the vowel digraphs (please see Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Introduction) by following this link:


You will also find the Phase 3 High Frequency words (we call them tricky words in class) which we have been learning.


The children need to practise applying their phonics to their reading and independent writing.


Activities which can support:


  • Recalling sounds whilst looking at them (we always say the sound of the letter rather than the name – please refer back to the Phonics workshop on the class page and the videos below).
  • Finding and saying the sounds in print in the environment (on letters, supermarkets, food labels etc).
  • Reading books together (some the children can read to you and others you can read to the child but they can be engaged by finding sounds or tricky words).
  • Writing simple words in lists, letters, messages, notes etc.
  • Sound hunts (like treasure hunts but with sounds).
  • Sorting games/matching games/snap with sounds or words.


Useful Websites:


  1. Letters and Sounds – lots of information about the sounds that we teach in each Phase. Some resources available to download and print if desired.
  2. Phonics Play – there are lots of games for free on this website and lots of information too. A really useful page is the terminology page if you are unsure and need to refer to this to support your child’s learning.
  3. Alphablocks on CBB – colourful animations teaching children the name of letters, their sounds and some words that use the sounds.
  4. Jolly phonics – this website has lots of videos of how to pronounce the sounds and also we love to sing the songs in class. We practise using the cued articulation actions during the songs rather than the Jolly Phonics actions.

ALL Jolly Phonics songs in alphabetic order

ALL Jolly Phonics songs in alphabetic order, inc qu PLUS digraphs ch,th,sh,ai,ee or, oi

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