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As well as our live sessions across the coming weeks below are some excellent resources to practice phonics with your child. 


Espresso is a great online learning resource for phonics, it has short lessons on all of the sounds and is based off the letters and sounds programme which we use in school. 


In our live lessons we will be moving on to Phase 5 (Ash's phonics), however I think it would also be very valuable to recap both Phase 3 and 4 (Polly and Kim's phonics) with your children if you have the time. 


Here is the login details for the programme:

Username: student17378

Password: teresa


The link for Espresso will be at the bottom of the page. 

Another excellent resource is the Letters and Sounds YouTube channel, this has lessons specific for Year One. These lessons work not only on the sounds the children need to be aware of the skills they need to help with their reading like blending and segmenting. 


Also on YouTube is the Alphablocks channel which has short educational yet very entertaining videos for the children to engage with. These videos are better suited when you have less time available. 


Both links will be at the bottom of this page. 


Year 1 Friday Phonics

Phonics- Online lesson 1: ay. 

Phase 5- Lesson 1: ay.

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