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This week we are recapping some of the sounds we learned in Year R. Have a go at the activities below throughout this week.


'ee' diagraph


Can you add some words with the diagraph ee in to the leaves on the tree. If you find any words that sound like they have the ee diagraph but they look different (for example silly and meat), you can draw them on fallen leaves rather than on your ee tree. 




The 'igh' trigraph

The 'oa' diagraph

'oo' diagraph

For the 'oo' sound, we will work together to read the words on slide two and then colour them in two different colours depending on whether they make the long oo or the short oo sound. Have a go at home and see how you get on! 

'ar' diagraph

For the ar diagraph. Please look at the pictures above, say the word and check it has an ar diagraph in. Sound it out and make a list of your ar words. Can you get all the way to the end?

'or' diagraph 


In phonics today the children will go on a word hunt and find some word cards around the classroom. The words will either include the 'or' diagraph or the 'ar' diagraph. We will then spend time sorting them into 'or' and 'ar' words whilst sounding them out and reading them. 


If we have time we will write a sentence with a word including 'or'


List of words we will use:

Park, farm, jar, start, dark, part, harm, sharp, bar, arm, bark, card, shark, far, hard.

Word, born, short, port, cord, torch, corn, horn, fork, torn, porch, north, horse.