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Today we will be learning all about Lenten. 

Lenten journey

Download the full resource - Many Christians use the time of Lent for reflecting on their faith and the Easter story. Some people choose to...


Loving Lord, you lay a path before us and light our way. Help us to see where we can be a light in the darkness. Lord bless us with a light filled journey through Lent, Amen. 

Activity 1

Activity 1 RE day

Lesson 2: To map out Jesus' journey from his baptism through to Palm Sunday.

Jesus' journey Lenten

Lent Cartoon Jesus in the Desert

"40" plus "How He Loves"I made this video to help my youth group students wonder what Jesus's experience in the wilderness was like. In my search I came acr...

Jesus' temptations

Lesson 3 - To learn more about Ash Wednesday and reflect on how we can show kindness through our lenten journey. 

Ash wednesday, lent and kindness

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