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Religious Education

Welcome to our page on Religious Education!  

At St Teresa's we follow 'The Way, The Truth and The Life' scheme of work.  This is followed throughout the whole school and covers an extensive range of theological studies. 

You can find further information regarding this on the following website:

In addition to weekly RE sessions, children also have a weekly Collective Worship session which is a time for reflection.  This is linked to the Liturgical Calendar.


We work very closely with St Teresa's Parish.  Children attend termly masses both in school and in Church which parents are invited to attend.  KS2 Classes prepare and deliver their own masses on a termly basis, with Year 3 preparing their mass after they have made their first Holy Communion in the summer term.  Our new Parish Priest, Father Peter, says Mass for us and also comes into school for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Classes also visit the Church throughout the year in order to learn more about their faith.  


On alternate terms we are joined by Sister Dolores and Mrs Batchelor who deliver Hymn Practice to all children.  We are fortunate enough to have their help during rehearsals for the Carol Concert and Easter Pageant which are delivered by Years 4 and 5.


Years R, 1 and 2 perform a Nativity Production annually.  Each class is also given the opportunity to visit the Church during the year to enhance their learning.  In addition to this, we have also started an annual Christingle service at the Church.



Children start and end their school day with a prayer.  They also say Grace before meals before they have lunch each day.  Each year group have different prayers to learn throughout the year, beginning with the Our Father in Reception Class.  


Each class are given their own Prayer Book and faith Learning Journey.  The Prayer Books are sent home to each child to fill with a prayer they have written themselves.  The learning journeys look at each year group as a whole and how they learn about faith in different ways.


Lenten Appeal

Each year we take part in a Lenten appeal.  We alternate between fundraising for community based charities as well as global charities. 








As well as learning about our own faith, we also believe it is important for children to learn about other World Faiths.  Last year we began focusing RE Days around learning about different World Faiths as well as other aspects of our religion. Recently we have had successful RE days on the themes of:

  • Holi
  • Mass Responses
  • Hinduism






On February 23rd the whole school celebrated the Hindu spring festival of Holi, also known as the Festival of Colour.  All the children dressed up in colourful clothing and took part in a school run around the playground.  It as a festive and colourful sight, enjoyed by everyone.

Diwali Day (November 2018)

Colour Run for Holi Feb 23rd 2018