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This Month's Recommendations for Parents and Carers


If reading Thomas the Tank Engine or Frozen night after night is leaving you frazzled, here is my pick of bedtime story books that are great fun to read and are sure to become favourites ......of yours, if not your children. I also include books that may link to parenting themes and issues or may simply be of interest to you. 


Your March 2021 recommendations will be coming soon. February's suggestions are now archived below. 

Do you still read to your children? Do they read to you?


Parents and Carers, please don't stop reading to your children as soon as they become free readers. I was still reading to my teenager until she went off to university. She read to me too. It remained a special time for both of us and I am glad to have fostered a love of literature in her. Nowadays, we read separately as she is in Norwich, but we still discuss what we are reading. Modelling yourself as a reader, be it reading a magazine. a newspaper or novel, is one of the greatest legacies we can give our children. 


Reading is the most successful way to build vocabulary and the comprehension skills needed for Kent Test and across the curriculum in secondary school. No tutor can ever teach the skills of being an enthusiastic, vocabulary rich reader. Children need to continue reading out loud to maintain fluency. You may be surprised how hard children find it, yet in early years, we listen to them all the time. Asking questions about the text is really helpful too. See the section on Why Reading is Important.