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Here is the Maths worksheet from today, we counted in 1000s and discussed how 1000 is made. Ask your child if they can show you a representation of 1000, could it be a bar model? How can they use addition and multiplication sentences to make 1000 (10 x 100 etc)? Remember multiplication and addition sentences are commutative so can go in any order!

Here is the porter from the Midnight Gang.

Please create a Mindmap of words to describe this porter from his appearance only.

Then create 3 sentences incorporating this vocabulary, see if you could level up your sentence with your red pen.


Today in RE we looked at the story of Abraham and the promises God made to him. 

We looked at this story from the Bible and discussed the idea of the descendants and nations that God promised.


Please write what God asked Abraham to do and how he was faithful.


Reflect on God's faithfulness to Abraham and how that impacts us today.



A useful youtube link to see at home is this one (though you need to stop about 6 minutes in as it moves into the Joseph story)