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Look at all the great home learning that is happening this week 23.3.20 - 27.3.20 !

Dear Parents and children, 

I hope this page helps with the new adventure of remote learning. I will update the key learning  for the week in Maths and English as well as the termly learning for Science, RE, History, Geography and BSL as year one loved learning to sign!


Please email me with any evidence of your child's learning so that I can support  and give feedback.  You can take photos and upload them in a email or if that is not possible, just email me telling me what your child has done! Please remember that I am only an email away,


Year 1 Home Learning Packs created by various companies

Week commencing 30.3.20



Can you write a descriptive diary entry using one of these pictures as an inspiration? Remember to include a range of adjectives! Think about what you would see, smell, hear, feel and possibly even taste.  

Steps to success:

To include full stops and capital letters.

To use finger spaces. 

To read it back, check it makes sense,

To include a range of adjectives


To use different sentence openers. 


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Please see the website below for videos and resources. 

In year one we practice to lead in and lead out with our letters ready to join later in preparation for year two. 


Can you read two books and compare what are the similarities and differences between the two texts?


Keep up daily reading too! Please see oxford owl library for a range of free online books.





The Oxford Owl website has a free library section - click on all levels to find - book bands and then select the colour level your child is at. You will see at least 12 books at your child's reading level. 


Can you revise all your taught sounds?

Here is a link to a free espresso site full of online videos and games aimed at phase 3 phonics. Great revision for every child! 



To skip count in 5s, 2s and 10s
To continue a pattern counting in 5s, 2s, 10s

To find numbers that are both multiples of 2, 10 and 5

You could count pairs of socks. 


You could group pens, cutlery, coins etc in 5s and count. 

Termly  work - Term 4

We are Explorers!

Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts at 9am for kids | The Body Coach

Starting Monday 23rd March a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel


Can you classify animals in to mammal, amphibians, reptiles, fish etc?

Can you explain the difference between carnivores, omnivores and herbivores? 
Can you name the body parts of a fish, a dog and a snake? What are the similarities and the differences? 



Do you know what your pet eats? Are they herbivore, omnivore,  carnvivore?


Can you draw an animal and label their body parts?


Do you know what town you live in? 

Do you know what county and country you live in?

Could you find your country on a world map?

Can you name all the world's continents and do you know what continent we live in?

Can you name some of the seas?



Religious Education

Here is the last learning intention the class have yet to cover in class, 

  • Have the opportunity to know that Jesus died on Good Friday and God raised him to life on Easter Sunday.


Can you create a picture  story of events from Palm Sunday to Good Friday? We made a whole class picture book last week!


Can they explain the importance of Good Friday? Do you have any family traditions on Good Friday? 




Can you research a famous explorer and tell me some facts you have found out?


You can choose your own explorer! 


I look forward to learning all about your chosen explorer! 

British Sign Language - BSL


Can you teach your family the greetings for good morning and good afternoon?


Can you still remember to sign your name? Show your family and learn how to sign their names too!


Here are some fun videos to help refresh and learn some more signs! 


BSL "Learn the signs for Animals"

Learn the signs for A-Z Learn the signs for animals For deaf and hearing children and all parents

Makaton CarPark Karaoke - This is Me - Singing Hands

Here is the Singing Hands interpretation of THIS IS ME - from the Greatest Showman soundtrack