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This term in our science lessons, we will be learning about Animals and Seasonal Change.


Friday 26th February- Lesson 1

LI: To identify and name some common animals

Please watch this video and be ready to be an animal detective! You will need a pencil and you can use these handout below to support the video.

Wednesday 5th January: Science- Lesson One.

LI: To be able to identify different materials.

In this lesson the children need to collect objects made of different materials, the materials within the video are wood, plastic, metal, glass and paper. It may be advisable to have objects prepared in advance that are suitable for them to collect and draw pictures of. Thank you for your cooperation.

Friday 15th January: Science- Lesson Two

Still image for this video
LI: To observe and classify what objects are made of.

For this lesson the children will need to collect items around the house so they can label the objects and the material it is made from. The children will need objects made from glass, wood, plastic, metal and fabric. It might be best to collect the items prior to watching the video clip. You might want to use the handout below. Have fun!

Friday 22nd January- Science- Lesson Three

Still image for this video
LI: To be able to describe the simple physical properties of everyday materials.

For this lesson the children will need a pencil/pen and they can use a handout below or your child can draw out the objects on paper. Then watch the video and complete the activity. I can't wait to see their work!

Science handout- Finish the sentences using the properties of material words

Science handout- Draw objects and write a sentence about the object's properties.

Friday 29th January: Science- Lesson Four

Still image for this video
LI: To be able to ask simple scientific questions

For this session you will need paper and something to write with. If you would like to you could collect different types of paper you can find around your house to support the video e.g. white paper, newspaper, toilet paper, sandpaper, card, cardboard or coloured paper. If you do not have anything at home do not worry as they are shown in the video.

Science handout- 29.01.21

Friday 5th February: Science: Lesson 5

Still image for this video
LI: To be able to carry out a simple test.

Today please can you watch the video and complete the simple test introduced in the video. You will need a pen/pencil, the handout, 5 different materials, a see-through cup, a teaspoon, water and sellotape or an elastic band. If you are unable to complete the test there is also a video below of the investigation to watch as you will need the results for next week.

Science Investigation

Friday 12th February: Science Lesson

Still image for this video
LI: To record results and decide the best material to use.