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Life Cycle of a Mammal TASK


Please watch the video and then have a go at the research project below.  In the video I give you a similar task - but I would like you to try this one instead.  It has more prompts and is good for a comparison.


a) Choose a mammal you are familiar with e.g. a pet or farm animal and research the following:
● What is the baby animal known as?
● What is the gestation period?
● At what age does the animal become adult?
● What is the average life expectancy?
● How does their lifecycle compare with the human life cycle?

b) Now find one or more mammals from around the world, that do not live in the UK. You may choose to look in the rainforest, desert areas or the oceans perhaps.

  • Research the life cycle of these animals.
  • How are they similar/different to the animals they have studied in your local environment?
  • Can you suggest reasons for these differences?

Lesson 1 Mammals