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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Statement of Intent for pupils with a Special Educational Need and/or Disability

The National Curriculum Inclusion Statement (2014) sets out its intent for learners with the following key objectives:


  • Teachers should set high expectations for every pupil.
  • Teachers should use appropriate assessment to set targets which are deliberately ambitious.
  • Lessons should be planned to ensure that there are no barriers to every child achieving.  Such planning will mean that all pupils will be able to study the full National Curriculum.
  • With the right teaching that recognises individual needs, many disabled pupils have little need for additional resources beyond the aids which they use as part of their daily life.


At St Teresa's, we believe all pupils should have the opportunity to learn to the best of their capabilities through a broad and balanced, inclusive curriculum.  This means that every child, including those with a Special Educational Need, should have access to a high standard of  'Quality First Teaching' throughout the day in every curriculum subject. Our ambitions for all pupils is that there is no 'glass ceiling' within their learning and, if they aim high and have a positive mindset, their learning will thrive.


For our pupils with a Special Educational Need, we scaffold their learning to provide them with the strongest opportunities for success in our school. We believe firmly in the SEND Code of Practice's statement that 'every teacher is a teacher of SEN' and that our pupils with SEN should be provided with the same opportunities as their peers in our school. This means that, with their learning being personalised to meet their areas of need, they feel included in the classroom and make progress from one year group to another. 


Success is what they perceive it to be and we celebrate the successes of all pupils, whether academically or personal to them. We believe the inclusive, multi- sensory practice we provide removes barriers to learning, with the ultimate goal of preparing all pupils with the knowledge and skills they require for their journey beyond our school and into adulthood.




Useful SEN Resources for Parents

SEN policy April 2017

Other useful documents:

To contact Mr Burchett regarding SEN Provision for your child

Mr Burchett works in the school throughout the week as the Deputy Headteacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator. He has however two dedicated days a week for SEN Provision which vary based on time requirements, meetings etc. Please contact him via this Contact Form should you wish to discuss your child's provision at St Teresa's in further detail.