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Spelling, punctuation and grammar

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KS1 speedy SPAG lesson 1

Ks1 SPAG - nouns and adjectives

Ks1 speedy SPAG - suffixes - singular and plural

Ks1 Speedy SPAG - apostrophes

Ks1 Speedy SPAG - apostrophes part 2

Challenge - contractions see video on apostrophes

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Fun ways to learn your spellings:


  • Cut up paper and write each letter on each piece of paper. Jumble them up and try to create the word. 
  • Create your own word searches.
  • Play scrabble, bananagrams or boggle and make words. 
  • Write the words on jenga, the opponent has to spell the word from the block you have pulled out. 
  • Write words in chalk, water, paint, sand etc
  • Use playdough and create the words. 
  • Play hopscotch with words inside the squares. 
  • Play hangman.