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Star of the Week

(18.6.21) Everyone! For working so hard and trying your best in all of the assessments. 

Joshua (11.6.21) for fantastic learning all week, well done Joshua!

Chimamanda (28.5.21) for showing such confidence in the swimming pool. Well done Chimamanda!

Francesca (21.5.21) for always  listening well, trying your best in every lesson and going on to superstar three times this week! Well done Francesca. 

Malaika (14.5.21) for writing such a fantastic information text. It was lovely to read, you put so much of your personality in to your writing. Well done Malaika!


Elodie (30.4.21) for great writing this week. You have impressed us with your pace, great use of punctuation and imagination!

Bethany (30.4.21) for always using such kind manners aswell as being so thoughtful and helpful towards her classmates.

Aaron (23.4.21) for settling well in to year two. We have enjoyed seeing your enthusiam and confidence flourish! 

---- (17.4.21)

Lexi-May (1.4.21) for independently writing a fantastic diary entry. She used lots of emotive language.  Well done Lexi!

Mati (26.3.21) for having such a postive attitude towards learning this term. Well done Mati!
Erin (19.3.21) for writing the most amazing auto-biography. She used paragraphs, beautiful handwriting and lots of key facts. Well done Erin!
Samanthana (12.3.21) for working hard in all lessons and being a great role model to her friends. Well done Samanthana!
Yohaan (5.3.21) for great explanations and good problem solving in maths. Well done Yohaan!
Bethany (22.2.21) for her dedication and hard work. She attends every session and works so hard in live maths and reading sessions. 
Joshua (22.2.21) for having a great week being more efficient and trying hard to concentrate on the task at hand. He's also been really helpful and kind to his class mates too.
Evangeline (12.2.21) for working so hard at home and participating in zooms with such a positive attitude. We love hearing all the news you have to share! Well done Evangeline!
Emil (12.2.21) for trying so hard in maths this week, always wanting to challenge yourself. Well done Emil!
Edwin (5.2.21) for working hard at home, creating a fantastic website at home too. Well done Edwin!
TJ (5.2.21) for having such a positive attitude towards learning and trying his very best in lessons. Well done TJ!
Kinga (29.1.21) for having a positive attitude towards remote learning, working hard and creating new fun ideas for our Zoom sessions. 
Samanthana (29.1.21) for being kind and caring in class. Well done Samanthana!
Lexi-May (22.1.21) for drawing a fantastic map of London showing how far the fire spread in 1666.
Malaika (22.1.21) for working so hard in every lesson. Well done Malaika!
Matilda (15.1.21) for having a great attitude towards remote learning and producing such fantastic work!
Dominic (15.1.21) for writing a fantastic diary entry in class. Well done Dominic!
Chimamanda (8.1.21) for settling in to new routines at school during lockdown. For being such a kind and caring friend and for always trying your best! Well done Chimamanda!
Damilola (18.12.20) for working hard in all lessons and letting other teachers, who were covering the class, know the daily routines when Miss Sexton was away. Thank you Dami! 
Alex (11.12.2020) for writing such a fantastic description of the northern lights in our North Pole descriptions. ‘ Green and jade ribbons dance and twirl in the sparkly night sky’ So proud! Well done Alex 
Georgina (4.12.2020) for remembering and speaking her lines loudly and clearly and also helping her friends learn their lines too. Well done Georgina!
Owen (27.11.2020) for showing a positive attitude towards learning and making the right choices. Well done Owen, keep it up!
Riya (20.11.2020) for trying her best in all lessons. Well done Riya! 
Rory (13.11.2020) for trying his best in English and Maths! We are very proud!
Elodie (6.11.2020) for writing so beautifully, we are so proud! Keep up the fantastic handwriting! 
Matthew (23.10.2020) for writing a fantastic journey tale! It was beautifully structured, had great description and got a head teacher award for it too. 
Rokas (16.10.2020) for working hard in all lessons, improving his handwriting and writing a fantastic journey tale. 
Tymon(9.10.2020) for trying hard in phonics and language link. Mrs Simmonds and I are very proud.
Francesca (2.10.2020) for always having a great attitude towards learning and wanting to challenge herself.

Erin (25.9.2020)

For being a kind friend. Being caring, patient and a great role model!

Sienna (18.9.2020)

For always trying her best and being a kind friend.

Lola (11.9.2020)

For working hard and having a great attitude towards learning in every lesson

Mati (4.9.2020) 

  • For helping the whole class keep covid safe: Asking to help with hand washing and offering to clean resources.
  • Trying his best in all lessons.
  • Having good manners.