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What is Talk for Writing? Pie Corbett explains....

The Talk for Writing Approach in Year One:

  • Hook- To get the children immersed in the new topic. 
  • Baseline assessment- Cold Task. The children will write unsupported in the style of their new topic (recount, fairy tale, non-chronological report etc.).
  • Imitation Stage- Children learn the model text; by talking it aloud, creating actions, drawing story maps, boxing up the key features, pulling out the key vocabulary or grammar. 
  • Innovation Stage- Children change the model text in some way; either by changing the setting, the characters, the problem or the resolution. In the first term when looking at 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' we changed Mrs Grinling's ingenious plans. 
  • Independent stage- Children take all their new learnt skills, create their own plan either a box up plan or a story map and write their piece of work independently. These are assessed by looking at the Hot Task against the Cold Task to see where improvements have been made so that targets are formed for the children. 

Phases of the Talk for Writing approach

Find out more here about the three phases of the Talk4Writing scheme.