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Term 6 Week beginning 01/06/2020

Maths, Friday 5th June


Main Activity


Friday Brain Buster


A little Friday fun for those of you who like a challenge.This is taken from the Maths Competition files. 


A woman has been hired to paint numbers on the doors of all the rooms in a hotel. The hotel has 150 rooms, numbered 1 - 150.

It takes her 1 minute to paint digits 1,2,4,5,7,9.

It takes two minutes to paint digits 3,6,8,0, so it would take 3 minutes to paint room 124 (1+1+1) but 4 minutes to paint door 123 ( 1+1+2 ) And door 130 would take 5 minutes (1+2+2).

How long will the whole job take? Was there a formula you used to calculate?



Friday's activities are on the powerpoint. It includes listening or reading chapter 2 and writing a letter. Any SPaG activities included do not need to be recorded - a second click will reveal the answers.  I have asked you to please type on the transition booklet rather than hand write your answers. The boxes will expand as you type. Please save the booklet with your name and email it to me at some point. The work below should take priority.


Please check the virtual leaver's checklist beneath the Beaver on the opening class page. It says who has submitted the required work for the Virtual Leaver's Service. There uis also a word list. I need you to make a poster of the word/words I have given you just like Krystian and Ashma have done. DEADLINE IS 8TH JUNE.



Maths, Thursday 4th June


Main Activity




Please continue working through this week's powerpoint, dated Thursday 4th June. Todays's work includes 14 comprehension questions, three short burst writes ( a paragraph or two each) and a PHSE/reflective question. Please type your answers directly into the transition booklet from yesterday. It will expand as you type.


A normal English lesson would take 1 hour with an additional 25 minutes for a comprehension lesson and 20 minutes for SPaG.- so a bit longer than usual. Please spend the full amount of time on English to achieve as much as you can. 


Nothing needs to be written down for SPaG - the answers will come up on the powerpoint.


The list of words I want you to design a poster for has been updated under STOP PRESS on the landing page. Please make a poster with that word - to fill an A4 sheet of paper landscape. Make it colourful and vibrant. Then take a photo of yourself holding it. The words together will spell out a message so we need all the words!!

Maths,  Wednesday 3rd June


Main Activity


English, Wednesday 3rd to Friday, 5th June


Today we start a transition unit on the book, Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. There is a powerpoint you need to work through. It includes links to a video reading of the book and the tasks set for each of the next few days. I have included some SPaG (of course, I have!) 


There is also a transition booklet for week 1.


Ideally, I would like you to type into the document directly and then save it with your name (change  the document name YOUR NAME to your name -Ashma, Szymon, Damian etc) Please email your finished wok on a Friday as that is my marking day. so you don't need to email your work daily for this unit. 


Remember I am here to answer any questions about the work. You will notice our class page is starting to be filled with lots of important messages, please check it regularly and respond as quickly as you can - Yearbook and Virtual Leaver's service deadlines are fast approaching!!!

Powerpoint with story links week 1 and Transition booklet

Maths Tuesday 2nd June


English, Tuesday 2nd June


Today's English task is another chance to complete the Virtual Leaver's Service question prompts and the Beaver's Class: The Movie task. See yesterday's instructions for the details of what you need to do although I will add the link to the pack again. Ideally, please open the document and type directly onto the sheet. Then save it and replace the YOUR NAME with your name smiley Please email it back to me on nikkii.griffith@st-teresas.kent 


I can't impress upon you enough how important it is to have these returned by ALL of you. The project will be a non starter without your participation which would be a real shame. I need them returned to me by 8th June.


Those of you who have completed the task - not many of you yet - why not recommend a book to me. I am almost out of reading material - what do you suggest?

Here's the link (final time)

Maths, Monday 1st June


Main Activity




Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June


Morning Beaver's Class.


I want to try and put together a virtual leaver's service and I need contributions from all 32 of you.  This is the work that was set on the last week of term and if you haven't done it,  I would like you to think back on your time at St Teresa's and answer the question prompts. Think carefully - make them funny, poignant, interesting. THESE NEED TO BE SENT TO ME as soon as possible but certainly by JUNE 8th.  


You can type directly onto the document you open from the link below, just save it inserting your name. Once we have received your answers, we will choose one of your sections and ask you to film yourself reading it out. These will all be compiled to make something  poignant and fun for you to remember your time at St Teresa's. In your group chats, please encourage each other to do this. To be clear then, you DO NOT have to film your responses at this stage if you don't want to, but you WILL be asked to film one or two of your answers once we have read and selected. We will personally notify you which answer we want you to film. If you have filmed your answers separately, that's great, (but NOT necessary at this stage if it is difficult _ - please send each file separately to me - not through the online form.


ALSO as part of the Leaver's task above.

I'd also like you to imagine Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino are going to make a movie about Beaver's Class in Year 6. I want you to put your creative hats on and decide which famous megastars would play Mr Bradley, me, any other staff member that would come in. Who would play you or your best friend?What are the big dramas that would need to be captured in the movie - the romance, the tragedy, the drama, the humour? Please write down your ideas or film yourself talking about them. Please start your work,. "If a movie was made about Beaver's class,...."


If you have completed these tasks, please take the opportunity to sit in the shade with a cool lemonade and read a book. Please rejoin us on Wednesday as we start a transition unit for English. You have no English work to do today and tomorrow to allow others to catch up. Well done, you! 


We will be beginning Kensuke's Kingdom on Wednesday. There will be YouTube readings of each chapter, but if you want to follow the text in your own book, here's a link to order the book.


Work for 1st and 2nd June VIRTUAL LEAVER'S SERVICE