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The star of the week is:

Owen (27.11.2020) for showing a positive attitude towards learning and making the right choices. Well done Owen, keep it up!
Riya (20.11.2020) for trying her best in all lessons. Well done Riya! 
Rory (13.11.2020) for trying his best in English and Maths! We are very proud!
Elodie (6.11.2020) for writing so beautifully, we are so proud! Keep up the fantastic handwriting! 
Matthew (23.10.2020) for writing a fantastic journey tale! It was beautifully structured, had great description and got a head teacher award for it too. 
Rokas (16.10.2020) for working hard in all lessons, improving his handwriting and writing a fantastic journey tale. 
Tymon(9.10.2020) for trying hard in phonics and language link. Mrs Simmonds and I are very proud.
Francesca (2.10.2020) for always having a great attitude towards learning and wanting to challenge herself.

Erin (25.9.2020)

For being a kind friend. Being caring, patient and a great role model!

Sienna (18.9.2020)

For always trying her best and being a kind friend.

Lola (11.9.2020)

For working hard and having a great attitude towards learning in every lesson

Mati (4.9.2020) 

  • For helping the whole class keep covid safe: Asking to help with hand washing and offering to clean resources.
  • Trying his best in all lessons.
  • Having good manners.