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This week's winners

During lockdown, all week by week totals and individual point scores will be carried forward and prizes and certificates deferred until we are all back. 

Be reassured, however, that achievements are being monitored and recorded.


We have now been using Accelerated Reader for a term and the feedback has been very positive. There have been reports from parents that the competitive nature of the scheme is transforming their reluctant readers into enthusiastic ones! That is great news! Early data is supporting growth too. 


Word Count Success


Each time a child passes an Accelerated Reader quiz, the number of the words in the book contributes towards a class total. We started cautiously, setting targets of 200,000 words. That will take ages, we thought. Wrong!. Year 5 & 6 smashed that total in one week with Year 4 close behind. So we thought bigger.....which class would be the first millionaires?  


Week ending 16th October


1. Penguins class 1,527,457 words read - our first class millionaires who reached the landmark last week. Well done. 

2. Eagles Class 1,016,089 words read - are they primed to take the crown from Penguins next week?

3. Butterflies Class 529,242 words read.

4. Pandas Class  142,835 words read.


Penguins class chose to have an extra 10-minute playtime as their reward.


It is important to note that initially, we would expect Year 6 to lead the way - they are obviously reading thicker books with more words, but the other year groups will soon catch up because they will be finishing shorter books more often so it really is going to be a keenly fought competition. Butterflies class have had some technical problems and their tests were halted, but now that is sorted, we expect to see them steaming forward. Although Accelerated Reader is a scheme for Years 4-5, we do have 6 pupils in Year 3 using Accelerated Reader.


Individual Word Count


The children with the highest individual word counts are:

1. Solomon Olajide (Penguins, a staggering 393,637 words)

2. Leona Binu ( Penguins, 184,659 words)

3. Brian Pallithazhe ( Penguins, 170, 851 words)

4.  Nela Pielechata     (Eagles, 165,965 words - Nela has taken and passed 14 quizzes)

5. Sofia Deidda ( Eagles, 117,004 words)


Also of note:

Anesu Dhitima (Butterflies, TOP WORD reader 85,196 words)

Artur Tyrell (Pandas, TOP WORD reader 57,765 words)


100 Club Members


The following children have all scored 100% in Acelerated Reader quizzes this term. Each child will be receiving a certificate and an entry into a prize draw to win a book, one entry per 100% quiz achieved. Achieving 100% is the goal. 


 Penguins Class:  

Ethan B, Noah B, Jessica B, Igor C, Isabel J, Munashe M, Sheena (N2), Mark K (3), Solomon O (3), Brian P (4), Leona B (4)



Niamh B, Angel J, Alice S, Alice T (2)



Gabrielle C, Sofia D, Lauren M, Annabel M, Nathan N-Z, Henry N, Jayden O, Mateusz S, Abbie O, Emily D (2), Sophie Mc (3), James S (3),  Nela P (7) 



Zachary J (3), Joseph M (3), Ethan M (3), Arthur T (4), Prasoon S (4), Emily Cockram (4)


Well done to you all and good luck with the prize draw.


Individial Top Points Scorers


Will be announced at the beginning of term 2