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Thursday 11th June 2020

Daily Reading- 10.06.2020


You all now know the sort of things you can do for your daily reading, so each day I intend on just exploring different reading ventures. This one, I am going to attach each day to your learning for the remainder of the week. The 'World Book Day' website has a fascinating range of resources for children at school and children at home. Click the image above to explore. For instance, grab the book and listen to the audiobook... Or perhaps become your own illustrator and join in the video masterclasses. Hope you enjoy Eagles!

Maths Learning- 11.06.2020

Compare lengths

Today, we will be looking at how we compare lengths looking at the two facts we have used the previous days:

Key Questions:

  • How many mms in a cm? How many cms in a metre?
  • Show me how you would convert between these using a ruler?
  • How can we help ourselves to compare length? What does greater than, less than or equal to mean?


Click the image above to watch our 'learning video'. Then, let's see Year 3 if we can compare lengths. Use the videos, resources and games below to see if you can compare lengths- good luck!

English Learning (11.06.2020)

Your imagination around 'The Tunnel'

How are you enjoying your learning about 'The Tunnel' so far? Remember, this is an 'extended' unit on fiction writing, so you will need to try to remember parts of this for a long period of time, near towards the summer holidays. We are going to be exploring Anthony Browne and his works further. If you are still struggling with 'getting to grips' with the story, the powerpoint about the story for you to read is below...


Today, we are going to look at the tunnel itself in a lot more detail. Find the pages in the book or the images where the tunnel is described/ there is a picture of it.


Task 1: Read the words used to describe the inside of the tunnel. Can you think of any more words that might be suitable? In your 'Remote Learning' books, draw a quick image of the tunnel. Around the outside in one coloured pencil, write words which automatically come into your head to describe it. Then, using the resources attached below and a thesaurus if you have one, choose a different coloured pencil and write words which describe the tunnel in a more dynamic way...


You will also see there are some pictures below of tunnels. Our story is going to centre around one of these tunnels turning up in your garden/ in our school grounds. To make your story really exciting, you are going to go through it and try to create a lively, engaging adventure/ dilemma story.


Task 2: Choose one of the tunnels below. Exactly like you have with the tunnel from our book, could you decide how you are going to describe it in your story. Start with basic words like dark, smelly, dusty etc. and then use the resources below, a thesaurus, the internet etc. to expand your vocabulary. Tell your description of your tunnel to your parents or your brother/ sister. Can they imagine they are really in this tunnel? Or are they the go waiting to go in?


Finally, we are going to begin to plan our 'adventure story' based around 'The Tunnel' which we will be writing tomorrow. The resources below will help you to plan your story really well! Tomorrow, we will spend some time continuing to plan but ultimately, we want to begin to think about writing some of our story tomorrow! Watch the video by clicking the image below and you are well set:


Foundation Learning (Art)- 11.06.2020

Andy Goldsworthy

Good afternoon Eagles! I hope you're looking forward to creating your art installations!
Have a look at your art work from last week. Refresh your memory about your design because this week we are going to create them!
Watch this video to see how the artist himself creates his work (click the image above). There are many videos online of his creations...
Choose one task to complete below. 
  1. Create your own piece that you have designed using items that you have collected either on a walk, from your garden or from your house.
  2.  Recreate the piece that you saw in the video. You need to change at least one thing. For example you could change the material or colour.
If you can take a picture of your final piece and stick it into your book, that would be great! Alternatively, you could just take a picture and send it straight to me...
Your last job is to evaluate your piece by answering these questions.
Are you happy with your installation? 
Was there anything you changed from your original idea? Why did you change it?
What is your favourite thing about your work?
Most importantly have fun!