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Thursday 11th June 2020

Daily Reading- 11.06.2020

You all now know the sort of things you can do for your daily reading, so each day I intend on just exploring different reading ventures. This one, I am going to attach each day to your learning for the remainder of the week. The 'World Book Day' website has a fascinating range of resources for children at school and children at home. Click the image above to explore. For instance, grab the book and listen to the audiobook... Or perhaps become your own illustrator and join in the video masterclasses. Hope you enjoy Eagles!

Foundation Learning (Art)- 11.06.2020

Observational Drawing

Hi everyone,

This week we will be finishing off our observational drawing project.
First we will explore another way to create light and dark using just a pencil.
Watch this video and practice shading by using a 'value bar'. (The video will show you how to do it.) Click the image below to see...



Now, is the fun part! Choose your object that you are going to draw (Make sure it's the right level of challenge for you). It can be anything you like (Eg a teddy, football, flower etc.)


You must use either shading or cross hatching to make your object 3D.


Enjoy your lesson!