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Thursday 14th May 2020

Daily Reading- 14.05.2020

It is great to see children using our new reading resource Epic! I have had lots of emails saying children have signed up and started reading so continue to explore this website today. Your '60 second read' is attached below with guidance. This is your last one for this week so there will be a different resource attached below tomorrow...


Reflective Mentoring- 14.05.2020

We are going to use 'Class Dojo' again today in order to engage in some reflection time. Todays learning (if you click the image above) is all about how our negative thoughts can take over our lives. What happens when your negative thoughts get out of control? Mojo finds out when the story he tells himself stretches and grows! I want you to consider how you can stop this from happening? What strategies can you use to stop yourself from interacting with negative thoughts?


SPAG Learning- 14.05.2020

Click the image above to watch a video on what 'antonyms' and 'synonyms' are.  See if you can list some examples in your 'Remote Learning' book. If you have someone to play against, use the game below to engage in this learning more fully...



Maths Learning- 14.05.2020

Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving

Click the image above and this will take you to todays learning. Today, we are combining some of our multiplication and division knowledge. I am really keen on the children developing their reasoning and problem solving skills as they progress in their understanding of multiplication and division.  Once you have clicked the link above, go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term- Week 4- Lesson 4

Once you have watched the video attached to this lesson, use the resources below to develop your understanding within this lesson. Good luck Eagles!

English Learning- 14.05.2020

To begin our lesson today on poetry, click the image above. Have a look at the different types of poems you can engage with and mindmap some of the features of the different poems. Which type of poetry would you like to engage with? Why do you particular like one style of poem?  Look at the image below:

This is a very unique image and links to 'descriptive poetry'.  Could you write a short poem about this image, using one of the styles of poetry you have looked at in the first part of the session.


Linked to this session (below) are some other poems based around this image which might help you when writing a short poem about it. There are also some additional resources for you to have a look at.


In addition, I have included some resources for you to look at linked to poetry. Tomorrow, you are going to use the poem you have selected as a basis for writing a poem in a similar style. This poem can be about anything, so the resources below should prompt your thinking for tomorrow. Good luck!


Afternoon Learning (Foundation)- 14.05.2020

Click the image above which will take you to this afternoons learning. You should choose one lesson from the 'creative' section to engage with today and work through the materials on there- good luck...