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Thursday 16th April 2020

Daily Reading- 16.04.2020

The expectation is today to spend at least 20 minutes reading a book of your choice from home. I am trying to look at various ways of broadening the children's reading horizons and more will follow next week regarding this from the class information page.

There is a reading task below about 'The Indus Valley' you might want to look at as well with help from your Mum or Dad if they are available- please dip into these if you can!


Reflective Mentoring- 16.04.2020


Click on the 'picture' above to watch a video of Mojo (from Class Dojo) trying to 'tame the beast' during a presentation.  Then think about, and record ideas in your Remote Learning book (if you like as a mindmap), considering this question:


'What strategies can we use to make us less anxious and more confident in these situations?'


We all have them, so it is just about how we manage them!


'What's happening in our World today'?- 16.04.2020

Read the edition of 'First News' below and see if you can find any answers to my quiz questions in the documents attached. Good luck- I will try to share with you another edition next week as well!

Maths- 16.04.2020

Lesson 1 - Adding decimals within 1


Click the picture above and go to:

Summer Term- Week 1- Lesson 1- Adding decimals within 1


Watch the video with your child and then complete the attached activities in your 'Remote Learning' book (see below).

English- 16.04.2020

The resource pack below will be what we use for the next couple of weeks. The children can have a look through some of these activities.


The writing task I would like them to try to complete today is entitled:


Picture play

Look at the image.  Make some notes about who this character might be, where you might meet him, what he looks like, what he might do and what he might say. Write a story opening that introduces this character. You can create your own character for him to meet with.  Try to really get those creative, imagination juices flowing for your writing! Perhaps the WAGOLLs below will get you thinking (click the picture)...


Afternoon Learning- 16.04.2020

An opportunity for some French learning. Click on the picture above and see which French basics you can remember. Have a look below at some of the activities- do you understand any of them? This is really just a chance to recall some learning...