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Thursday 18th June 2020

Daily Reading- 18.06.2020

I love this image and have passed it, or something similar, around to the staff of our school today! Now that bookshops are reopen and Epic! is open, it is a perfect opportunity for you to read (there really is nothing more important)! A 60 second read is below as well- enjoy!



SPAG- 18.06.2020

Below is one of our SPAG mats- have a try and see what you can remember! Good luck Eagles...

Reflective Mentoring- 18.06.2020

Make friends in lockdown with #MyDearNewFriend

In our 'Reflective Mentoring' sessions, I normally get you to undertake some learning like we normally would do if we were at school taking part in 'Reflective Mentoring'. There are so many excellent projects going on across the country at the moment. Today, I came across this one which I thought would be a lovely activity for the children to engage with. Perhaps you can send me a photograph of them sending their letters? Click the image above to read and find out more about the piece of work and get involved...

Maths Learning- 18.06.2020

Calculate perimeter

You may not notice a huge amount of difference in your learning today than yesterday. Yesterday, you were looking at how we measure perimeter and today you will be looking at how we calculate perimeter. Click the image above to see the slight changes with this lesson and to watch what you will be learning today. Then, think about the key questions below:

Key Questions

  • What did we learn about perimeter yesterday? What steps can we take to calculate the perimeter of different shapes?
  • When we are looking for missing sides, what might help us to find these?


Once you have watched the video and thought about the questions, engage with some of the activities, learning resources and videos below. This should help your understanding- good luck Eagles!

English Learning- 18.06.2020

The Resolution...


As Chloe fought her way through the blackness that lay within what seemed like a very creepy, ghastly hole, she thought to herself 'I hope there are no witches or wizards in here'. After clambering through the hole for what seemed like an eternity, she arrived through it and, as she exited, a puff of dust splashed across her face. Chloe knew she had to be brave- what would Katie's Mum think if she never came back? Was her Mum getting worried?


Rather than creeping around in what seemed like a new, incredibly creepy new world, Chloe waited and waited for Katie on the other side. 'She will be back in a minute, I am sure of that' Chloe thought. However, after waiting for what she only assumed was hours, she knew it was now time to explore. All she could see around her, for miles on end, was trees. It seemed like she had gone from what was an area of shrubland to a completely modern forest. She had read about a story like this somewhere- she couldn't remember the name of the book but it was in a place called Narnia with a lion called Aslan.


Thinking about the book and not knowing where her friend was, Chloe's pace got quicker and quicker and quicker. She was jogging which seemed, after a while, to be creeping into a sprint, just like a cheetah racing through the jungle.


'Ouch' cried Chloe, 'Ouch, ouch, ouch' she screamed.

She was becoming very frustrated and had now stood on something, no larger than a blade of grass on the floor. She was going to carry on, but then looked down again. She could hear a desperate voice!

'Chloe- Chloe- is that you? I need your help, look at me!' At that moment, she realised what she thought was a blade of grass was actually her friend Katie. She was heartbroken- what would she do to get her friend back?


She started to feel sorry for herself and incredibly sad. 'I wish I had my friend back. I wish we never argue again.' At that moment, without Chloe realising in the slightest, Katie started to grow. 'I wish we could play together again, just like we used too.' Again, without Chloe recognising, Katie was growing. All of the things she wanted to do with her friend, she was now saying and it was making her grow, back to the size she was. Katie was so upset that, as she wailed and her tears splashed against the floor, Katie continued to grow and grow and grow...


This is my resolution and what I have written for today. We are coming towards the end of what would be similar to our 'hot task' now and it is always good to reflect at this point. Last week, we immersed ourselves in an Anthony Browne text 'The Tunnel'. We looked at who Anthony Browne was, how his stories have meaning within them, eventhough often they are for children our age or slightly younger. We immersed ourselves in the text, gaining ideas to create a first draft of an adventure/ dilemma story on Friday. On Monday, we reviewed this and, in order to create a 'story', we used our story mountain above to structure our writing more, unpicking the parts.

Now, we are coming towards an end! Today, we are going to write the resolution- tomorrow, we will write a short ending, edit and evaluate our learning and then move onto the next stage of our Anthony Browne writing unit. The tale of 'The Tunnel' is below to click on- I found this really useful when structuring my story today:



So now, it is your turn to write your 'resolution'. Use the resources below to write your resolution. Does it make sense? Is it imaginative and has it been well planned? Remember, your parents can help you and you can magpie ideas from my story...

At the end, have you checked back for basic punctuation- capital letters and full stops. Another theme over the coming days will be 'proofreading' so there are some resources below for this! Enjoy learning...

Afternoon Learning (Computing)- 18.06.2020

Dance Mat Typing

For this afternoons 'Foundation Learning', we are going to focus on computing. I remember using this at my previous school- it is a really good way to develop your touch typing skills and build up your speed when typing on the computer. Click the image above to get practising and spend a sustained amount of time undertaking this! Good luck!