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Today we are writing the BFG recount as a class but we will work on it section by section. This is the section you are writing in your own words today:


Last night, I crept through the tiny, silent and quiet village. It was brightly lit with silver moonlight as everyone slept peacefully. All I could hear was the chirping of owls in their trees. Beyond the tall houses, all I could see were green meadows. The town was silent and still. Cautiously, I peered into every window checking in on the peacefully sleeping children and I carefully took their dreams. However, suddenly things started to go terribly wrong and that is when I met my first human being.


Resources to use:

1. Box Plan you have created

2 Setting description you have created


Success Criteria:


1. Time conjunctions (Next, then, after that)

2. First person (I, me, my)

3. Past tense (ran, leapt, sprinted etc)

4.Commas in a list (green, luscious and vast meadow)

5. Expanded noun phrases (The tall trees)




Reading Task: Please go through and complete the challenges