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Thursday 21st May

Daily Reading- 21.05.2020

 Try to spend 15-20 minutes reading- there are so many different ways you can do this now. You could use Epic! to read. Or, you could think about when you read- it does not have to be in the morning but is sometimes useful before you go to bed. Are you reading a fiction/ non-fiction book? What genre of book are you reading?


Reflective Mentoring- 21.05.2020


On a Thursday, if we were at school together, we would have our 'Reflective Mentoring' session today. So, eventhough we are at home, we will still have this! Todays 'Reflective Mentoring' question below I hope you think is an interesting one:


You can invite three 'very important people' for tea. Who would you choose and why?


Click the image above to see some of the people you might choose to invite, but remember it is your choice. Could you perhaps draw it in your 'Remote Learning' book so that I can see who you would? I am very interested! Talk it through with your Mum, Dad, brother/ sister prior to making your final decisions...


Author in the Classroom/ In your Home

I thought this might be an interesting listen for you today. I was having a listen yesterday to 'Author in the Classroom' (click the image to listen yourselves).  This is what it is all about:

 'Our lively podcast features well-loved children’s writers talking candidly about their life and work, and offering insider tips and advice to help listeners add a touch of professional magic to their own stories…'

There are two available with more to come...

Afternoon Learning (French)- 21.05.2020

For our afternoon learning today, we are going to be developing our French skills. Click the image above and watch the video which will be related to todays French lesson. Then, have a try of some of the activities presented below. Todays French learning is all about 'actions', something you may not have had much experience learning about before.

I am sure, if you continue to practice, you can tell Mr Maillard about your learning when we return...