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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Daily Reading- 23.04.2020

It would be great if you could spend another 15-20 minutes continuing your book from our 'Recommended Reading List'. I attach the 'Recommended Reading List' again below for you to have a look at! Your challenge is to try to complete reading this book by the end of May- do you think you can complete my challenge?

You may remember from yesterday as well that our '60 second read' challenges at the moment are related to 'Sport'. There is another one below for you to have a go at- good luck with this!

This is also your last chance to have a go at the 'Book Emojis Pictionary' game below before I reveal the answers tomorrow and give you another one to have a look at!


What's happening in our World Today- 23.04.2020

Over the past few weeks, we have learnt so much about the great work the NHS is doing in our battles against the Coronavirus. Everyone is playing their part in the fight! Read the NHS article below with the picture of Boris Johnson on it from 'First News'.  After that, either try one of the activities or create your own NHS Rainbow above encouraging everyone to stay safe and 'support the NHS'.

This piece of reading should help you to understand more about our world today!


Punctuation and Grammar- 23.04.2020

Today, we are going to continue the theme of having a 'SPAG' game to play to improve your skills in this area. Todays game is around adding prefixes and suffixes to the beginning and end of words. Click on the picture above to enter the game!


For an additional challenge, in your 'Remote Learning' books, can you think of other words beginning with those prefixes and suffixes? Good luck on your 'word finding' quest!

Maths Learning- 23.04.2020

Subtract fractions

Click the picture above which will take you to todays learning. Yesterday, we looked at adding fractions and today, we look at the inverse- subtracting fractions!

To find the learning, click and go to:

Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April)- Lesson 2- Subtracting Fractions

Watch the video and have a try at the activity below- the answers are with this so you can mark them. Good luck!

English Learning- 23.04.2020

Today, we are going back to our 'Fantastic Mr Fox' learning from the beginning of the week. I recognise that some of you may never have read the story but just give it the best go you can! It is all about you writing, developing your writing and thinking about what you can use in your writing! Attached are the resources you need for todays lesson- I have also included some key resources from yesterday!

This lesson will span across two days, allowing children to attempt to write a story. Therefore, for tomorrow, these resources will just be copied across in Fridays learning.

This is not because 'Mr Burchett is lazy!' but because if your learning is only lasting for 45 minutes in English each day, then you will need two days to write a decent story in this style.

Good luck and if you have any questions- email me! I will attempt to respond promptly however the inbox is filling up!

Afternoon Learning (Art and Fun)- 23.04.2020


If your children like drawing there's lots of inspiration around at the moment, with illustrators offering free online tutorials to help them improve.

A popular one is #DrawWithRob, a website from author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, who's written books including Grrrrr! about a bear called Fred who loses his growl.

His videos, showing children how to create everything from a sausage dog to their very own Fred Bear, are easily accessible on his website here. Children have been sharing their finished drawings with him online using the hashtag #DrawWithRob.


Click the image above to go to his website. Perhaps you could illustrate your English story or do an illustrated drawing of a family member? The choice is yours but I always love to see your drawings!