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Thursday 25th June 2020

Daily Reading- 25.06.2020


The expectation is, this week, that you spend 15 minutes reading from Epic! or from your reading book. I know many of you are engaging very well with this! Attached to this page however are short tasks you could look to complete in addition to this time to get you away from your screens. Too much time is not good for you! Good luck with these...

Maths Learning- 25.06.2020

Lesson 4 - Parallel and perpendicular

Today, we will move our learning on from looking at horizontal and vertical lines to looking at parallel and perpendicular lines. Click the image above which will show you some and explain what parallel and perpendicular lines are (you can access the video by visiting Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term- Week 9- Lesson 4). Then, answer the key questions below:

Key Questions

  • What do parallel lines remind you of? How are they different from perpendicular lines?
  • Can you find any examples of parallel lines in your home? What shapes have parallel and perpendicular lines?


After you have thought about these questions, have a try at some of the learning opportunities and activities below. Good luck Eagles!

English Learning (25.06.2020)

Focusing on 'The Gorilla'

This is only a short unit on 'The Gorilla' which follows on from our learning about 'The Tunnel'. The main idea I want you to understand from this is that Anthony Browne writes adventure stories, which follow a similar structure. Click the image above to listen to this story again...


Just like the structure, getting things in the correct order matters a lot in adventure stories. A writer has to be sure that the reader knows what is happening when! Words or phrases which tell us WHEN something happens are very useful when we are writing adventure stories.


Task 1 for today: I would like you to create a ‘bank’ of time words to use in your own writing tomorrow. Look briefly at some of the time words in Gorilla. Listen carefully to the story and 'magpie' some words which you think would be useful for your writing. Some of these might be fronted adverbials which signal 'time'- the below resources will also help you and you can magpie these for your more 'extended piece' of writing tomorrow...


Tomorrow, you are going to begin to write the opening/ introduction of a 'sequel' to 'The Gorilla'. This is a story which happens after 'The Gorilla'.  In this story, a difference will be that Dad does want to do something with Hannah/ a similarity being that it is Hannah's birthday the following year. The rest of the story is up to you and there are planning sheets below to help you...


Task 2: Can you think of four things Hannah could do with her Dad on her birthday? Like any good author, at the end of this, can you choose your favourite idea (the resource sheet below will help you to structure your work)...


Finally, for today, we need to plan our writing in preparation for tomorrow. Remember, you are only going to write the introduction to your 'sequel'.


Clicking the image above should inspire you to write a fantastic introduction. Use the resources below to support you as well- your parents might be able to help you out too! Good luck in your preparations for tomorrow...

Afternoon Learning (25.06.2020)

Optical Illusions and using shading to show form

To get to todays Foundation learning lesson (which is Art based), click the image above...

This will take you through various slides. In this lesson, we will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.