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Thursday 26th March 2020

Daily Reading- 26.03.2020

Today is the chance to have a break from your current reading material. You are obviously welcome to read your chosen book however you do not have to do this today.

Instead, have a look at the 'Reading Activity' below and see if you can answer the comprehension based questions. Our topic is 'The Romans' so, obviously, it is a text based around this. Good luck!


Reflective Mentoring- 26.03.2020

Your child will tell you that every Thursday, they take part in groups in a learning activity called 'Reflective Mentoring'.  This gives children the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics which include learning about our faith, perseverance and mindfulness, different mindsets and mentalities, mental health and wellbeing etc. Each week there is a different theme and conversations around the topic should last for about 15-20 minutes.

For these sessions over the coming weeks, we are going to use 'Class Dojo' to help us. This system contains many of the themes which are central to 'Reflective Mentoring'. Get your child to watch the video and tell you about what it all means.


'What's happening in our World Today'

Explore our class page to see if there is anything, in any of my hidden places, you can find out about the news today and what is happening in the world around us. You might need to click on certain links which will take you to another page...

Have a read! Alternatively, you could grab a newspaper to see!

26.03.2020- Art Learning- Use the resources below to help you to create a mosaic pattern...