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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Reflective Mentoring- 02.07.2020

Looking Forward- We'll Meet Again!


Do you know who this lady is? She recently passed away but she is one of the most, if not the most, iconic war musicians of a generation. Click the image above to listen to her song...


It got me thinking about how we only have two weeks left of the academic year. When you return, you will be in a new year group, and that presents changes. Complete pages 12-13 of the attached booklet.

In the last couple of 'Reflective Mentoring' sessions, we will prepare you for the move to a new year group...

Afternoon Learning (02/07/2020)

Design Competition- #PinYourThanks

Please see below information regarding a competition it would be fantastic for the children to take part in. While it would seem like we are over the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a chance to reflect on all those who have helped us along the way...


#PinYourThanks need you help!W

We know that lots of our families would like to say thank you to others who have helped over the last few months. From the postman who delivered cards that cheered us up, to a neighbour who has done some shopping to a doctor or nurse, a friend who called for a chat etc… PinYourThanks are inviting children across the nation to enter a competition to design a pin badge to say thank you to someone who has helped them (or their wider family) over the last few months. The winning entry will be turned into a real pin badge and sold, alongside other badges designed by national treasures including Ringo Starr and Joe Lycett. Every pin badge sold raises money for NHS Charities Together and Volunteering Matters. We think the competition presents a fantastic opportunity for children to reflect on the last few months and express their gratitude to the people who have helped them and their family during this difficult time.


If your child would like to enter the competition simply click here to find out more.  Alternatively, click the image above which will take you directly to the teacher page I see...

Afternoon Learning (02.07.2020)- Music

Mama don't allow


So you can do the same as what we are learning at school, this afternoon Mrs Dhitima will be using the following lesson to work on with the children in the class (click the image above for this lesson). It might be you are not able to do all of the body percussion ideas, but have a try at learning the some or working on some of the materials linked to this. We will try to video our final version so you can all see what we have achieved...