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Thursday 30th April 2020

Daily Reading- 30.04.2020

Today, I want you to continue to read your 'Recommended Reading' book to see if you can finish this by tomorrow. If you do not finish it by tomorrow, do not worry- just keep going with it! I have included below your last '60 Second Read' for the week as well around our theme of 'World War II'- there will be no '60 Second Read' tomorrow! In addition, the 'Spring Activity Pack' I uploaded yesterday I have uploaded again, just in case you get any time to try out some of these activities today! Good luck Penguins and enjoy!


Reflective Mentoring- 30.04.2020


Click on the picture above which will take you to our 'Reflective Mentoring' for today. The idea behind our 'Reflective Mentoring' is to have time to reflect on things we do, qualities we can possess and to prompt thinking in yourselves.

Todays 'Reflective Mentoring' comes from our online learning tool 'Class Dojo'. Watch the video and then consider what you have watched. Think about questions like:

-Is being important essential?

-Is it right that we should be respectful to everyone? How can we earn respect?

-Should we place our self importance over being a good friend?


You do not need to write your thoughts anywhere- just discuss the topic.


'What's happening in our World today'- 30.04.2020

Explore the 'Newsround' website and see what has been happening in the news this week. Could you find your favourite news story from the website and tell me about it in your 'Remote Learning' logs?

Maths Learning- 30.04.2020

Multiplying up to 4 digits by 1 digit

Today, we are going to look at multiplication and multiplying by a 1 digit number, like in the example above. The resources below show use of the grid method- I would rather you use compact/ column multiplication but use which way you find simplest. An example of the column/ compact method is available by clicking the image above. Then complete the lined activities. This should be revision in the most part and the learning should only last between 45 minutes- 1 hour. You do not need to do all of the questions. Good luck Penguins on your Maths quest!

English learning 30.04.2020
Picture 1

Yesterday, you wrote an adventurous and exciting quest story and today, I would like you to edit and improve it. It would be great if you could read it back to yourself, to a family member for even get one of your family to read it to you. This way, you can listen to how the story sounds and see if there are any improvements that you want to make.

Make these edits in a different colour on your page so you can see what you have improved.


Things to think about:

Does it excite you?

Do you have a setting, interesting characters and a quest?

Have you checked your spelling, puncatuation and grammar?

Have you used a thesaurus to choose the most captivating language?

Would you want to recommend this book to a friend to read?


I can't wait to read your epic quest stories!

Afternoon Learning (Music)- 30.04.2020


At this moment in time, Captain Tom Moore and Michael Ball are number one in the singles and downloads chart with their version of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Hear their version of their song by clicking on the image above...


What does this song mean to us? Listen to the words and in your 'Remote Learning' books, tell me what this song is trying to tell us at this time and what it means to you! Often songs have a huge amount of meaning. Tell me about a song which means a huge amount to you, why it means so much and what the words tell us...


Could you write another verse of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' which is relevant today?

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Today, you are putting your 'SPAG learning' from the past couple of days into practice by playing 1 or 2 of the games above. Click the picture which will take you to the 'games suite'. I will add this to tomorrows learning as well for you to continue to practise in this area.