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Thursday 4th June 2020

Daily Reading- 04.06.2020

For the next couple of days with our reading, there is going to be no '60 Second Challenge'. Instead, I would love for you to engage in one of the ideas from the British Library. You can access this by clicking the image above where there are a whole plethora of original ideas. Could you draw a gruffalo? Make a miniature book? The choices are endless! Maybe you could even watch some of the incredible videos...

Spend 15-20 minutes on an activity for the next couple of days and we will look to build this into our 'reading focus' weekly...

Reflective Mentoring- 04.06.2020

Some of you might know who this man is. Could you tell me who he is and what he is famous for?

Watch the video to reveal what he is famous for...


Michael Jordan is one of the most famous Basketball players perhaps the world has ever seen! He was an amazing player and is remembered worldwide. Yet this advert said he had to 'fail' in order to 'succeed'...

After watching this video, our 'Reflective Mentoring' question today is:


'Can failure be a pathway for your success'...

Discuss with members of your household what they think. Why is it important to not always get everything right? I love the phrase 'bounce back ability'- what does that mean? If you watch the video, try to think about the message Mr Burchett is trying to get across today to you, particularly during these difficult times...

Maths Learning- 04.06.2020


After practising our addition and subtraction skills the last few days, today we are going to look at estimating. Estimating can be a really useful skill particularly when we are trying to add and subtract. You need to know what estimating is though first to understand what I mean- do you know what it is? To help you- how many marbles do you think might be in the glass jar above? If you click the image, it will take you to a video which will help you for when you are exploring estimating.

Once you have watched the video, practice your estimation skills by using the learning resources below to help you! Some of my resources are 'tried and tested' and will definitely help you with your learning in this area. Good luck!

English Learning- 04.06.2020

Turning a Persuasive Television Advert into a Persuasive Poster Advert/ Grabbing your Readers Attention

You and I both know, or at least I hope you have learnt this week, that the written art of persuasion can be a very powerful tool! I'm sure you know that already though- judging by some of your persuasive television adverts, I would definitely want to go to your 'Author linked Theme Park/ Attraction'. Today, you are going to use that same attraction again, designing a poster for this just like some of the ones you saw yesterday.


First though, let's recap! Click the image above to see persuasion in action- maybe watch these and chat to a member of your family about what persuasive strategies/ devices/ techniques you actually observe!


Then, can you recap on what the mnemonic PERSUADE meant from yesterday. Try to write it down in your 'Remote Learning' book without looking. Once you have finished, chat to someone or think for yourself about persuasive texts and what each little part actually means. Did you get it right? Here goes...



Another mnemonic I have used before is 'AFOREST' and this gives us another way of remembering features which we should include in persuasive texts.  Click on the image above to watch a video on 'AFOREST'. Then, in your Remote Learning books, try the techniques for your 'Author Based Theme Park/ Attraction' and see what you come up with. You will need to use these in your writing today!


Look at the example adverts from yesterday attached below. I would like you to try to create something like this today based around your attraction. There are a fair number of examples here to help you, as well as the planning sheet.

Stuck for ideas? All of the resources you will need are below...

Still stuck for ideas on what your author attraction should be? Just try to do one for 'Harry Potter World'- the website is attached below...



Good luck young entrepreneurs- try to bring your attraction to life through the art of persuasion...

SPAG Learning- 03.06.2020

'Pointless' SPAG

Do any of you know the BBC game show 'Pointless'? I love the resources below and this will help you learn SPAG whilst playing the game. Have a try of this! I will put this as a resource tomorrow too for you to have a go at, before moving onto other elements of SPAG learning next week. Enjoy!

Afternoon Learning (Art)- 04.06.2020

Andy Goldsworthy

Who is Andy Goldsworthy?
Can you spend a little time researching the artist and write down your 3 top facts. If you're unsure where to start, click the image above to get you started!


Have a look at these pieces of his art. If you can cut out your favourite and explain why you like it, that would be great! Maybe you like the textures or he has used your favourite colours!


Did you notice that he likes to use a circular pattern? Can you see all of his pieces are 3D? Sometimes though, he also uses sticks to create his work.


In your next art lesson you will be making your own piece of artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy so start thinking about the piece that you would like to create. 
You can either:
1) Write a list of the items you will need to collect to recreate your favourite piece of his work.
2) Draw your own design  that you are going to create next time. Make sure you write down the items you will need to collect.
You could even use things from inside your house! Good luck Eagles! The 'Andy Goldsworthy' images below might help get you thinking too...