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Thursday 7th May 2020

Daily Reading- 07.05.2020

I really do hope you are finding the time to read everyday Penguins! Attached are two additional reading activities below which might help you with your reading skills, as well as trying to write a book review (template on previous days) for each book you read:

  • Our last 60 Second Read of the week on our theme of 'The Vikings'
  • A reading comprehension task about VE day- this may help you with some of your later learning...


Reflective Mentoring- 07.05.2020


Watch the 'Youtube' video above by clicking on the image which is from our learning platform 'Class Dojo'. There is a saying that 'you make the weather' just like Mojo has here. Discuss what that means...

It is very easy to feel positive on days like today, yet when something does not go our way, we take our mood out on everyone. How does that make us feel?

Look, I'm being reflective here. Perhaps you could be! How could you make someone feel more positive today?

Look at our 'Year 3 Remote Learning' blog and Zach's way of making someone else (his aunty) feel more positive. What could you do?


What's happening in our World today?- 07.05.2020


Take a look at the resources below, which may help you to understand what VE day is. What not have a try of some of them...

A reminder that VE day is tomorrow- good luck!

A Morning Maudesport Workout

Penguins! Time to get your parents working out alongside you. Below are some handy, short workout exercises you could try across today and the weekend. Perfect for being indoors in small spaces. Good luck exercising...